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  1. holldoll933

    holldoll933 New Member

    My phone won't charge. It will only recognize the charger for a second, and only when I basically cram the charger into it. Once I let go it says it's not charging. I can't just set it down and let it charge. Anyone else have this problem or know a solution? Thanks!

  2. chinefoo

    chinefoo Well-Known Member

    home charger, car charger, or usb to computer charger? :eek::eek:
  3. HempCycle

    HempCycle New Member

    Mine is about 3 weeks old and won't charge at all! :mad:
    Charger will charge friends androids just fine.
    Hope this isn't an on going issue.
    If you are having this same problem PLEASE
    Take the 45 seconds to register and let us know!!!
  4. mfpearson

    mfpearson Active Member

    did you try a different outlet? a different charger? usb cable?

    sometimes the voltages just aren't right with particular chargers/sockets...
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  5. 41magman

    41magman New Member

    Infuze phone have a charging issue. Mine was replaced at 35 days and today my replacement is doing the samething. Time to go fight with at@t again.
  6. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    what charger are you using? stock phone or have you rooted?
  7. gvelazco

    gvelazco New Member

    I had the same problem a couple of times and what I did to solve it was:

    1)took the battery out and put it into the frezzer for 5 minutes,
    2) after that y let the battery over a heat surface until warm or try heating the battery with a hair dryer.
    3) then re install the battery into your Samsung Infuse and plug it to the charger or usb cable.
    Good luck! It worked in my Infuse
  8. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    I don't suggest this at all lol...

    If the battery is suspected to be bad..go in to a store and have it tested and replaced...the phone is under warranty.

    from what I understand, lithium batteries do not respond well at all to what you are suggesting and quite honestly...someone could be injured if the thing were to explode.

    I don't know that this would happen, it just isn't a good idea lol...the phone has not even been out for a year

    so far nearly every case I have seen of the phone not charging is a bad charger or usb cables etc...

    even in my case it was a generic wall cable that was not intended for this phone.
  9. NickCase

    NickCase New Member

    I have had three Infuse phones so far and I will be taking this back to Best Buy as well.:mad: Each time the phone has just stopped charging.:confused: I just hope this one lasts long enough for the GS2 to come out. :D

    A little history:
    The first time I didn't notice it wasn't charging and the battery died. Every time I would try to plug it in it register the battery like it was going to start charging and never did. These last two times I have caught the phone not charging. If I turn the phone off and then plug in the charger, the phone doesn't show the battery throbber. Instead, it will power on and continue not charging.
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  10. kalevra

    kalevra New Member

    I have been having the same problem with the Infuse not charging. I've tried alllllll the possible ways to charge the damn thing and still no luck, until now. I accidentally discovered that with the phone off, and plugged into my laptop, that it would charge as long as the connection didn't turn the phone on. This luck is useless because there is so way to tell how much the phone has been charged or any indication that the charge is even happening. I have to turn the phone back on, go into the settings and look at how much charge the battery has left...

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one having this problem, I'll be going to the store tomorrow to tell them to give me a new phone, probably not the Infuse.
  11. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    that is odd indeed...while off, and charging, pressing the volume keys should display a battery meter on the screen
  12. mk2290

    mk2290 New Member

    My infuse first had the problem a few weeks ago, where it wouldnt charge at all. but i eventually got it to charge from my computer and also, i can charge it from the wall once the battery gets below ten percent. but if i unplug it during the charging process it will not continue to charge and i have to wait until it is under 10 % once again. it is now having difficulty charging from the computer, my computer however recognizes that it is plugged into it. no other chargers work and my charger works for other phones so it is not my cable or charger. i dont have a warranty for my phone, so am i just sol?
  13. chrisb90639

    chrisb90639 New Member

    mine did the same thing. i went to att and they trouble shooted it. they found that the port seemed to be acting up. so they ordered me a replacement. when the replacement came in, it was a refurbished phone.
    now my original infuse is charging with no problem. i dont feel all that comfy about sending back my original phone as it is working properly now. does anybody have any suggestions?
  14. BadFishCM

    BadFishCM Well-Known Member

    Is this the Charger that came with your phone? I've read numerous threads about people not being able to use chargers from older phones, or that the cord will transfer data but not Charge. If you think that's a possibility the cords sell for real cheap on amazon/ebay. I've seen people buy them and this fix there issue.
  15. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    indeed...I would say 99% of the time this is the case. 1% of the time it is an issue with the port
  16. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    well...if they found an issue with the could be the time right now it may have re positioned itself..who knows when it may come loose again.

    you could always send them back the refurb and let them know your phone is working..but call them first.

    just know that in the future you might have to go through the process again
  17. shannimal

    shannimal New Member

    I took the 45 seconds to register so that I too could document that my Infuse won't charge any longer and it's a mere 45 days old. AT&T's solution is to send me out a new battery saying mine is defective. Personally, I think it is a port problem and they will have to replace the phone.

    I am using the original charger that came with the phone and tested several outlets with no success. I was capable of tethering to the computer once to charge it, and now that does not work either. Frustrating to say the least.
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  18. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Frustrating indeed...uncommon no

    htc has had the same issues on their devices. reall bummer about mass produced products....there is error and failure rates/chances

    but thats why we have warranties :)

    just sucks when you are the one that gets a bad apple ;( i went through five Evos before getting a good one
  19. katers_000

    katers_000 New Member

    I worked for a cell company for almost 2 years and saw this sort of thing frequently. Yesterday my Infuse stopped charging. I panicked and then remembered my training. There are many things it could be and here are some ideas. If there is no water damage and the phone is in relatively good condition this problem could be:

    1. A software problem: you can go to the SAMSUNG KIES website to update to the latest firmware which can sometimes fix the issue.

    2. A cable problem: switch out and try another charger or another wall socket.

    3. Heat/Overcharge: sometimes if you over heat or over charge your phone, the battery will stop taking a charge. You can usually tell if the battery has a swollen appearance and is no longer a flat surface.

    4. USB connection issue: Under Settings>Applications> Development or USB settings, sometimes the settings are incorrect and changing these can help your phone to connect better.

    5. The charging port: sometimes the manufacturer uses cheap parts to make the phones i.e. the charging port. In this case you may have to fight with the company a little bit in order to get a new phone or repairs on the current through a private party. I would advise against a "refurbished" phone.

    Overall this seems like a common quirk amongst these phones, which is unfortunate. I have been pretty unhappy with the charging/battery life of my phone but overall the phone is a great device and I am happy with all the other issues. Good luck to you all with it!
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  20. taiowa

    taiowa New Member

    My husband has the same problem and we found it that it was the adapter, not the usb cable but the adapter. Its the part that actually plugs into the wall. You'll probably need a new one.
  21. taiowa

    taiowa New Member

    My husband is having the same issues and we found out that it was the adapter. The part that plugs into the outlet. Not the usb cable. You will have to have it replaced.
  22. ccorey

    ccorey New Member

    Here is my story, Any input would be greatly appreciated. My son bought the infuse 3 months ago. Well now when he goes to charge it it's starts to charge then quits. You have to leave it in one spot and not move it for it to stay charging. We have tried three different chargers on it and they all do the samething. If he uses his car charger it works. At&t has sent us a new phone and it did the same exact thing. We sent the new phone back and we bought a new battery and that didnt help either. So I called At&t back and they want me to take it to my local At&t store and have them look at it. I am just sure they are not going to know anything about them, all they do is sell phones. Sould I keep fighting with At&t, buy more chargers maybe get lucky and one will work? I thought of buying the charger that you put the battery in it and plug it into the wall, but like my son said he does not want to take the back off the phone and exchange batteries all the time, and I dont blame him.
    So please give me any suggestions you might have to help us. Thanks
    P.S. AT&T acts like they have never heard of this problem, sounds like to me their is alot of people out there with the same issues.
  23. WilliamSebren

    WilliamSebren New Member

    This is the exact same thing that is happening to my phone. First just the car charger wouldn't work. Then the wall charger wouldn't work. Then I could charge it with my computer and now that just stopped working too. And when I do plug it in it cuts on long enough to tell me that it's battery is too low then dies.
  24. WilliamSebren

    WilliamSebren New Member

    I just tried using debug mode under development and so far my phone is successfully charging when connected to my computer again. Still doesn't work in the car or on the wall. All of it came with my phone when I bought it. I'm quite frazzled with this.
  25. onlymovies.db

    onlymovies.db Member

    My phone charges very slowly, it charges 20% per hour, better than your problems.. but still its a problem..I have to keep it connected to wall charger continuously..

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