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  1. bspraetz

    bspraetz New Member

    Had the same sort of problems. First car charger wouldn't work, then wall charger, finally having problems with USB port. Called AT&T and they wanted to send me a new battery. Probably should have taken them up on that and gotten a free battery, but I'm concerned that soon I won't be able to charge the phone at all. Took me 30 mins last night to get it to charge from the USB. I convinced AT&T that it wasn't the battery since the battery works just fine when I do finally get it charged. My son also has an Infuse and has not had aany problems. Seems like a mfg defect to me.

  2. smsnglvr

    smsnglvr Member

    I had the same problem with my 1st infuse, it wouldn't hardly charge in the wall and after plugging it into the computer it would charge on the pc and the wall, but AT&T ordered me a new one or refurbished and now it charges but sometimes i have to restart my phone for it to work. I always charge with the wall and half the time my phone thinks its plugged in a computer which i think is a little odd but still charges fine. I wouldnt really call this a problem just a pain in the ass. I also get a stupid insufficient space error message when on the market but is ok after clearing data/cache and restarting. after that i am able to dl one app but would have to do it again to dl another.
  3. m23lakeshow

    m23lakeshow New Member

    Hey all, this happened to my Infuse that I bought in July. All of a sudden one day it would not charge from the wall, or car. My pc also does not recognize it as well. Went through all kinds of troubleshooting to try and figure out what could be the problem. My conclusion is that it is a defective port, and ATT is mailing me a new one. If this is a recurring problem, I am worried that I am going to go through this all over again. It is taking ATT a week just to mail me a new phone. This downtime is ridiculous and I might just sell the one they send to me and go a different rout. I have never had a phones Mini USB or micro USB ever die on me. The fact that it went out after a few weeks is really sad.

    good luck guys!
  4. chinefoo

    chinefoo Well-Known Member

    Ok, from what i have gleened from many people across all mini usb smartphones,
    1 charger takes a dump.
    2 phone port takes a dump.

    After talking to a few people about this issue att\hlth care engeneers "they deal with this alot"

    the most prominant issue with the mini usb charger\port is missuse,,,,
    many have stated people tend to jamb the charge plugin upside down which lossens the port and or use phone while charging, which wiggles plug and port
    <phone in use while charging causes the batt to heat up> now that issue happens with all phones.
    second thing ive been told is due to the fragile nature of smart/dumb phones intterupting charges also can damage internal transisters,

    this happens with all these stupid phones htc apple samsung lg pantech but predominatly the mini usb!

    so far i have had no issue have had infuse since june 15th so far had one issue and it was ME! lol

    hope this enlightens people a lil, im sue this isnt the end all be all answer,
    but as most people in here are used to smartphones a lot are new users and fail to realize they basicly have a mini tablet/computer and need to treat it as such. And not treat it as a flip phone!:cool:
  5. tobqluu

    tobqluu New Member

    I had the same problem with my infuse...i thought i would register and help out.
    my won't charge with a car charger or adapter, it only charge througth a USB hook up to a computer and it only charge with the mini usb cable that it came with.

  6. dt40943

    dt40943 New Member

    I've also just started having the same problem - phone no longer charges when plugged in. The only strange behavior I've seen prior to this event was that the phone, while plugged in to the wall, recently displayed the data menu as if it thought it was plugged into a computer. I ignored it and removed it from the charger when it was finished. The following day (today) the phone wouldn't recognize the charger. I've attempted the following troubleshooting steps:

    1) Turned the phone off and back on - no change in results
    2) Took plug, cord, and phone and tried a different outlet - no change in results
    3) Attempted to charge from a USB port - no change in results
    4) Removed battery and put back in, powered the phone on - no change in results
    5) Attempted to charge while phone was off - phone turned on and still wouldn't charge.

    I have a separate charger and cord at work that I'll also try to verify it's not the cord/plug.

    I really like this phone, so, I certainly hope it's not a defect. Reading above, I think I should be preparing for the worst.
  7. dt40943

    dt40943 New Member

    Got to work and tried with no luck. Called the ATT support center and went through the 20 questions with them. They're insisting on sending me a new battery which kind of irritates me given that it hasn't helped anybody here. Worse yet - they act as if they have no idea this issue happens. Oh well, at least I have a back-up phone I can plug in while I wait.
  8. Karontu

    Karontu New Member

    my phone was having issues charging, bought 2 new chargers and they would work for a while then tonight my latest one actually started burning, i'm just glad a smelt it before i fell asleep. now no cords work on my phone as the port is burnt.
  9. busyb0402

    busyb0402 New Member

    My phone did the same thing. I had it for a week and it stopped charging, so I took it back and they gave me a new one, but now a few weeks later it is happening again. It is a shame, because it is a great phone!
  10. CaliPac

    CaliPac New Member

    Mine just recently started doing the same thing. However I think it was caused by using a charger other than the one that came with my phone. I used a friend'd cable from their Samsung Galaxy... which I figured would be fine, but it wasn't. I noticed after a while it wasnt charging. I tried various outlets, then took the usb cable off the wall adapter and plugged it into my laptop and it started charging, but it wouldn't recognize it, so i couldn't transfter files. Once I got to work and started charging it on my original charger @ work, it charged but again, didnt recognize it. I took it off for about 10 minutes, then it did read it & I was able to transfer some files. Kind of annoying that it's hit or miss, but whatever.
  11. Pandemonium2K7

    Pandemonium2K7 Well-Known Member

    False alarm nevermind
  12. ssmart32

    ssmart32 Member

    Hello all
    I have a same problem with my samsung infuse it was charging fine until last week. Now i have problem charging .Every night when i try to charge the phone using wall charger or usb charger (both are good tested) nothing work i mean it does not charg what ever i do take the charger out put it back same problem .This is what i did to solved the problem i been doing that since three days and its been working for me may be it work for you guys too.Before you start ready to charge the phone blow the phone on charging port few times and used the charger it worked for me
  13. dawndesio

    dawndesio New Member

    I've had this phone since June and it charged just fine in the begining, but a few weeks later it would just charge off and on. I've had to send my phone into samsung twice to try and fix the problem, but it looks like it is still having an issue, it's just not as bad as it was. It still doesn't charge every time I put the charger in, maybe I need to try a new charger. So annoying! I really like this phone, but it's no good if it doesn't have any power! ugggh... Shouldn't all micro usb chargers work for this phone?!
  14. kalyanarisam

    kalyanarisam New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I also had the same problem with my Samsung Infuse. But i came up with a solution,

    Make sure your car stereo system is switched off.
    Connect the phone to the car via USB.
    When prompted, select the option 'Mass Storage'.
    Wait till the phone gets Connected.
    Now switch on your car stereo then it loads the music player.
    Enjoy the music.
  15. alexisbartlett

    alexisbartlett New Member

    i had my samsung infuse for about three weeks tops. besides the sucky battery life, its been great, until yesterday it decided it no longer wanted to charge? like completely will not even recognized that the charger is plugged into it. i know for a fact its not the charger or the outlets. i tried multiple outlets and multiple chargers that used to work for it. any help?
  16. Ryanscool

    Ryanscool Well-Known Member

    Turn it off, then remove the battery. Replace it in a little, for me it resets the battery, like the phone instead of going off what it recognized it before it re reads it. It may be lower then before, but still lol it resets the settings. Try it.
  17. Solorbob

    Solorbob New Member

    This started happening to me today. I purchased my phone on 10/15, so it hasn't been too long at all. I thought it was my wall charger, so I purchased a new wall cord. Same thing. I was able to get it to charge from the PC.

    I found that I can power off and power back on my phone, and the wall charger will charge it. Once I unplug it, I need to turn it off and back on again before it recognizes the wall charger.

    I see me stopping by my AT&T shop Monday...
  18. imperialsugar

    imperialsugar New Member

    I think I will start calling this the "samsung confuse" rather than the "samsung infuse," because I am so confused as to why this phone I have had since August 16, 2011 will NOT accept a charge. I was thrilled when I first got this phone. I had been using an iphone since 2008; while iphone had somewhat served me well for a few years, I thought it was time to move on to a phone that didn't drop my signal everytime. phone doesn't drop my signal....but....when I gently attach the phone charger, it refuses to work. It lights up and makes a noise indicating that the charger has been connected, then I slightly move my this MOBILE device, and the charger disconnects. I guess if I wanted to have my phone glued to a cord I would be using an old phone with the spiral cord, but that is not the case. Usually to get it to charge I have to take the battery out, let it restart, and then re-try the charge.

    Needless to say this is extremely annoying and frustrating.
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  19. Ryanscool

    Ryanscool Well-Known Member

    That is odd, maybe try flashing a rom.
  20. FlatWoodsM

    FlatWoodsM Member

    So after reading through all these post there is nothing I can do but get a new cell??? That's some major BS rite there.
  21. Ryanscool

    Ryanscool Well-Known Member

    Argue with att, nothing we can do unless you get another battery which may just fix it.
  22. FlatWoodsM

    FlatWoodsM Member

    w/e this thing is going in the trash, upgrade time.
  23. FlatWoodsM

    FlatWoodsM Member

    Everyone should just go to there ATT store and get a new cell that s what I did. Hooked it up with a 3S rocket for $60; Shit on the infuze.
  24. Ryanscool

    Ryanscool Well-Known Member

    What is that? And sorry for your problems, but you may be better off with some sheep device
  25. FlatWoodsM

    FlatWoodsM Member

    samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket, sry idk what i was typing lol. But ATT did me well, got the cell for $60, free case, and i got a free cell for my little sister.

    So ya everyone should just go to your local store.

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