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Samsung intercept for virgin mobile lockedSupport

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  1. Corse

    Corse New Member

    So I found this phone while on the train its a Samsung Intercept by Virgin Mobile. I've been at it for hours but I still cant seem to figure out a manual hard reset, glitches and all that. Its a number passcode by the way if that helps.

  2. JALStudios

    JALStudios Well-Known Member

    To factory reset just power off the device. Then when powered off hold down these buttons:
    Volume Up
    Call Button
    End/Power Button

    Hold them until you get to a screen that says Recovery! Then just click Factory/Hard Reset!

    And there you go!
  3. bigbubba

    bigbubba Well-Known Member

    Do the right thing and turn it in to lost and found

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