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Samsung Intercept Review Q/AGeneral (Browse All)

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  1. Lmp1054

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    Jul 1, 2010
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    Decided to Leave Tmobile and My G1 (without Interent) for a more affordable Virgin Mobile.

    219.99 at bestbuy minus 10% and $60 from selling my G1 so $157 to go from my g1 to this intercept

    I save $19 a month from witching from tmobile to Virgin Mobile

    Anyways I feel like i did not upgrade going from the G1 to Intercept. I mean it is a nice phone but it does not seem like that significatly better then the G1. Screen is smaller, it feels "cheap"

    The 1st thing i did when i got this phone was root it. I was not able to do it on my windows 7 64bit laptop, i had to do it on my netbook running XP.

    Process was very straight forward.

    Next step is tethering still have not been able to do so.

    I highly recommend getting GDE home, to be able to use more then 3 screen and it also carousels so significantly improves this phone.

    Phone seemed to actually slow down a little when i rooted it. Seems very stable with the GDE home.

    Cheap Very Inexpensive,
    Small phone

    Cheap Feels cheap
    Small Screen,
    not able to teather


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