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  1. rcheung28

    rcheung28 Well-Known Member

    I came from a Galaxy Ace, and I loved the 3x4 keyboard.
    When I got my Note (already running ICS), I was first very happy that it had the 3x4 keyboard, but later realized it didn't work as well as the older one.

    Basically, it has lots of lag, sometimes key presses wouldn't register, especially in the Google Chrome app. Sometimes, it jumps to the next character before I even finish typing. Watch the video and I think you'll understand.

    Does anyone else have the same problem (please try it on your phone) or is it only my phone?

    Samsung Keyboard on Galaxy Note - YouTube

    Please turn on annotations as I used them to narrate the problems.

  2. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    Did you just upgrade to ICS? Have you tried different keyboards like Go keyboard or swifty keyboard?
  3. rcheung28

    rcheung28 Well-Known Member

    No, as I mentioned above, I didn't just upgrade to ICS, the phone already came with ICS.
    I tried other keyboards, but their 3x4 keyboards don't work as well as the stock one. Plus all 3x4 and auto-space keyboards don't seem to work properly with Google Chrome.

    Anyone else have insight to this?
  4. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

    What version of ICS are you running?

    I'm running ICS4.0.4 and found that after the update the Samsung keyboard was crap.

    I then installed Perfect Keyboard and I love it.
  5. Gti fly

    Gti fly Well-Known Member

    I have to say I couldn't use the stock keyboard because it was too slow and laggy.

    I think you can make it better (less laggy) if you can somehow switch off the suggested words, but I already use Swiftkey3 and it's much better than the stock (qwerty) keyboard.
    Sadly swiftkey does not allow for 4x3 style
  6. rcheung28

    rcheung28 Well-Known Member

    I'm running 4.0.4 (upgraded from 4.0.3 a few weeks ago). The keyboard acted the same way as both versions. I've tried switching off the suggested words and it is just as laggy. I haven't been able to find a 3x4 keyboard that fits my needs. I'll keep searching. Any other input is welcome :D thanks
  7. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

    The keyboard I suggested has a 4x3 option and works very well. In fact, that's what I'm using to type this lol.
  8. Vipfreak

    Vipfreak Well-Known Member

    I have Thumb Keyboard. Love it since it has the arrows included.

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