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Samsung Kies 7.5Support

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  1. newtt

    newtt New Member

    Hi guys,
    Am a newbie here and pardon if this has been asked and answered before. (Before posting this, I did searched the forum section but can't find a topic on this issue).
    I just installed Kies_2.3.3.12085_7_5 but "Samsung Apps" does not appear under "STORE".:confused:
    Need all the help i can get to get the most out of my S3.
    Thanks and cheers everybody!

  2. streetkilln

    streetkilln Well-Known Member

    witch samsung apps are you talking about
  3. newtt

    newtt New Member

    Hi streetkilln,
    Appreciate your reply...
    It is not actually about a particular samsung app but the "Samsung App" directory itself.
    Under the folder/directory "Store" only "Podcast Channel" appears.
    Shouldn't "Samsung Apps" appear below that also?
    (I tried posting a partial screen shot of the Kies installed in my computer but it come out garbled when i posted it here)
  4. hbryder

    hbryder Well-Known Member

    Does it need to be in Kies? It should be in your app drawer, you can install their apps from there unless you are wanting to avoid data?

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