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  1. mhlsilverdale

    mhlsilverdale Well-Known Member

    Edit: I got Kies to connect by clicking on the USB notification and selecting:
    Media Device (MTP), opposed to USB Mass Storage. Once you select this setting, it still takes about 30 seconds to connect, so be patient.

    Picture of the Kies PC interface below.

    If a JB update is offered to the VM S2, it will come as a firmware update via Kies. Apparently, Samsung is not offering a OTA (Over the Air) update for the S2 due to the size of the software.
    Now scheduled to begin in February for international S2 devices.

    original post...
    Has anyone had success connecting the PC version of Samsung Kies to the S2 4G?

    Word is, the JB update is not going to be OTA for the S2, so I'm trying to figure out the connection problem I'm having with Kies.

    Samsung drivers are reported as installed and ready to use.


    This is what Kies app looks like on the PC

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  2. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Cool! I was just recently wondering how the update would roll out.. which by the way I would bet money on us getting it. If its any better than the leaked JB stock ROM then it will be amazing! :)
  3. mhlsilverdale

    mhlsilverdale Well-Known Member

    JB started rolling out in Spain for some S2 devices (1/23/13). Some instructions have the users flashing the update using Odin. Others say it will be available over Kies so at this point I guess it's a wait and see for what format the update will be made available for specific carriers.
  4. tcross8361

    tcross8361 Well-Known Member

    I can only get Kies to connect through wifi. It doesn't seem like the wireless version has as many features. On usb it just sits there saying "connecting". I have installed the drivers. 2 of the drivers on my laptop says failed. on my desktop it shows only one driver failed. How long does it take typically for it to connect using the usb? Are there settings on the phone and the computer that I need to check?

    I'm running Windows 7 64 bit on both the laptop and the desktop.
  5. mhlsilverdale

    mhlsilverdale Well-Known Member

    Make sure you are running the latest version:

    It sounds like a driver issue; the app should install the necessary drivers without having to (additionally) install the Samsung Drivers. I'm running the same OS without any issues with the drivers. I'd suggest dumping everything and reinstalling.

    However, I installed the mobile drivers; and then had the application do the "troubleshoot connection problem" and it reinstalled drivers.

    There is a "wifi connection setup guide" on the front screen. I did not do any of this.

    Once you get the driver issue figured out make sure you select Media Device (MTP) in lieu of USB Mass Storage. Should connect in 30-60 seconds...
  6. tcross8361

    tcross8361 Well-Known Member

    That's weird. Today I just started up the program then the app and plugged it in. It downloaded a driver and now it works. LOL I wonder if I was doing it in the wrong order before. Thanks for the info!

    Edit: I thought you could back up app data with this. I guess it's just contacts and download content. All though you can do ringtones and email account info, so that's helpful.

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