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Samsung Kies sent my GS2 back to Gingerbread

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  1. d21rich

    d21rich Member

    Just plugged my Samsung Galaxy S2 into my PC for the first time in a few weeks and ran Kies.
    It told me there was a firmware upgrade which I assumed was taking me from Ice-Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean.
    I did the "upgrade" and when the phone rebooted I saw that I'm running Gingerbread which is the OS that the phone shipped with.
    I've since rebooted the phone and PC and run Kies again hoping that it would see Gingerbread and at least put ICS back on but that didn't work.

    Anyone got any suggestions that might help me with this?

  2. d21rich

    d21rich Member

    Strange goings on are afoot at the Circle K.
    (anyone get that reference)
    Rebooted the phone again and see that I'm back at Ice-Cream 4.0.4
    Curiouser and curiouser.
  3. taomaster99

    taomaster99 Active Member

    Bill and Ted?

    Maybe it just swiched to a launcher that look like Gingerbread (if you have any installed), pretty weird!
  4. d21rich

    d21rich Member

    I'm not even sure what happened any more.
    Maybe I imagined the whole thing or looked at ICS and saw Gingerbread.
    Never mind.
    Still no Jelly Bean rollout for SGS2 phones on the EE (formerly Orange) network in the UK.

    I'd consider this thread closed.

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