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  1. ALLthawayL1VE

    ALLthawayL1VE Member

    If anyone is having trouble finding the download for Samsung Kies in the US, go ahead and leave a message here or message me on my profile and I will be happy to upload it or send it to you.

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  2. Rum

    Rum New Member

    I can't find it... I'd appreciate if you could send me the link for where to find it. Also, will it work the same as if my provider pushed it to my phone... since Verizon hasn't released it yet on the samsung fascinate.
  3. jtwags

    jtwags New Member

    I have a fascinate with Verizon, just bought on Friday. I found a download for the Samsung Kies software and have installed it on my win7 64bit system. When I plug the fascinate into the computer it tells me my device is not supported by kies (in media mode) and tells me to reconnect the device in Samsung kies (pc studio) mode when the fascinate is in mass storage mode. Is there a way to connect my verizon fascinate to keys? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    What a joke if it has been disabled by Verizon or Samsung. I will return the phone if that is the case and go with something else or wait for the iphone to come to Verizon.
  4. Irish2Ice

    Irish2Ice New Member

    I am having the exact same problems as the above post, but I'm running Windows XP. I would LOVE to have Kies running to simply sync the native contacts and calender with Outlook!!!!

    Thanks for the bloat and inoperative functionality Verizon.

    AnYoNe with a solution to the Fascinate and Kies, please post!
  5. sislambhuiyan

    sislambhuiyan New Member

    i all ready download kies2.0 but it is not working
  6. Todiebear

    Todiebear New Member

    okay sending you a message, looking for kies version before 2.0
    thank you!!
  7. mattism78

    mattism78 Well-Known Member

    I would greatly appreciate a kies link. Thanks
  8. roddyblack73

    roddyblack73 New Member

    Can somebody send me kies info I can't find it
  9. AndroidxGuy

    AndroidxGuy Well-Known Member

    To use samsung kies your phone must have samsung kies mode under USB options when you connect it to your computer otherwise it may not comunicate properly.
  10. madhu_m

    madhu_m New Member

    I have an issue "CDC Serial" not installed... could someone help me reg this...
    Thanks in advance....
  11. manslife

    manslife New Member

    Can you send me a link to down load? thank you
    ~a new comer
  12. roddyblack73

    roddyblack73 New Member

    Send its to me please
  13. R Cami Besley

    R Cami Besley New Member

    Hi - I need kies for my samsung galaxy S II - I bought it unlocked from mobile city. - thank you I could do with the help. :)
  14. R Cami Besley

    R Cami Besley New Member

    I need Kies link too for Galaxy S II - please - thanks if anyone can help out. :)
  15. dmwsds

    dmwsds New Member

    I just got off the chat site with a samsung live chat operator name Sierra, she stated to me that Samsung Kies and Mini Kies was not operable for Samsung US phones. I was like wow that was a bummer, so for anyone that just got a samsung and want to return it and you are within your return policy I would do it now. I am having horrible problems with my Captivate this will be my 3 one from ATT should of stuck with my Iphone
  16. vreesejr

    vreesejr New Member

    Please send me a kies link.
  17. Remember

    Remember New Member

    Can I please have the link to Samsung Kies Link?
  18. Aaron11

    Aaron11 New Member

    Can I have this link too please?
  19. goodole1

    goodole1 New Member

    Why bother it doesn't work anyhow. The net is flooded with problems connecting and limited usage of the program. Like all the other phone manufacturers their software is a fiasco.:( I've spent weeks trying every way possible to make it work using USB and WIFI, it's a no go. The closest I came was with USB but it fails to import the contacts at about 50%. It also doesn't show the true mirror of the phone, only what they want you to see.

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