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  1. RXFL

    RXFL Member

    I recently got a Samsung Admire. On my older phones, I'd just send ringtones and wallpapers to my phone through my email. I'm not able to do that anymore (not even on my old phone. I guess my provider changed things).

    My Admire has a 2gb microSD card. I've hooked it up to my PC (my phone) and I can access my phone but I have no idea where I'd add the pictures and ringtones to. I've installed the latest drivers and Samsung Kies but Kies always said there was a problem and it had to troubleshoot.. I did as it said but it didn't allow me to troubleshoot.

    Is there any other program to use, or a way around this? Possibly doing it manually by going to Start - Computer - Access phone that way through storage.

  2. pcgamer

    pcgamer Well-Known Member

    Just stick them on your sd card, should show up someplace.
  3. RXFL

    RXFL Member

    I wish. That's what I'm wondering how to do. I can't take the SD card and plug it into my computer because it's just the micro one that came with the phone.
  4. nasstyrome

    nasstyrome Well-Known Member

    samsung usb drivers
  5. RXFL

    RXFL Member

    I've already got the drivers. =/
  6. nasstyrome

    nasstyrome Well-Known Member

    make a folder named media
    then inside that folder make one named audio
    inside that one make 2 folders "notifications" and "ringtones"
    notifications are the ringtones for mail alerts txts, etc.
    ringtones are for calls
    u can use full mp3's or download the mp3 ringtone maker off the market to cut mp3's shorter.

    you should see more ringtones in ur sound options to set ringtones.

  7. RXFL

    RXFL Member

    Thanks a ton. Quick question though, where would I make the folders at?
    And if it isnt asking too much... is there any way I could add pictures I download from my phone to my SD card WITHOUT transferring them using my computer?
  8. Are you in USB mass storage mode?
  9. RXFL

    RXFL Member

    Pretty sure I am. I'm a noob to this stuff to be honest. It's my first android phone. Before this one I just had the basic Brew OS on my LG Beacon.

    When I plug my phone into my computer, I go to the drop down menu and hit "USB Connected" then "Turn on USB storage".
  10. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    what he said. min automatically did this though when i download stuff. Media>Audio>Notificatons and Ringtones.
    as for the pictures you can go to the folder called DCIM>Camera. post them in there. and yes USB storage + mass storage mode
  11. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    pictures and audio are automatically stored in the SD card, thats how it does for me. you just have to look for them in the My Files app.
  12. nasstyrome

    nasstyrome Well-Known Member

    downloads usually go in /downloads.
    a way to get them on the phone is just email em.

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