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  1. Zaqqey

    Zaqqey New Member

    So my samsung moment was going slow today, so i went to settings and factory reseted it. it turnt off and i turnt it back on. it went past the samsung screen and it goes to the yellow screen, then gets stuck. it also gets stuck when i try and hit power / camera / volume down . also when i hit power / mousepad / talk it qets stuck at the loading samsung screen. HELPP PLEASEE . i dont want to have to get my 4th moment . but if i had to get a new phone what android phone from sprint with a full key board would you recommend?

  2. someguyatx

    someguyatx Well-Known Member

    I noticed you posted this a few days ago so hopefully your phone is fixed by now. If not my wife has Evo shift and its light years better than my Moment.

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