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Samsung Moment

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  1. blbrchnk

    blbrchnk Member

    Just like the title says, I am wanting to purchase a Samsung Moment from someone. I just bought the HTC Evo 4G and the wifey now wants a new phone as well.

  2. absolut_zero1906

    absolut_zero1906 New Member

    I just purchased an Evo and going to sell my Moment now. I have the USB Cable and wall charger. Also I purchased from Best Buy so I have the black Tie Warranty that can be transferred to anyone please PM for pics and more info.
  3. jdefran

    jdefran Member

    Have you found a Moment to buy for your wife yet? I recently got the Evo and tried to have my wife use the moment but she is content with her pre. My Moment is brand new (insurance replacement), I have an extra battery, body glove case and extra 512mb card to throw in. I still have the box, wall and usb chargers, manuals, unused OEM headset.

    Email me: joe.cisco@hotmail.com

    Hope I can help out,

  4. flyjbaker

    flyjbaker Well-Known Member

    I have a Moment. 2.1 and never rooted. Works fine and in good condition. I don't know how far off I am but would happily take $150. PM if interested.


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