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  1. frankmehta

    frankmehta New Member

    I connected my Samsung i5700 Spica to the PC after installation of the Samsung Studio that came on the CD with the phone, and the phone didn't get detected at first. THEN, I googled (from the 'google' phone of course :p) and found out that one needs to switch on Debug mode in settings. I did so, and now the device shows on the Samsung Studio, but says ONLY DEVICE UPDATE SUPPORTED.
    I am confused! Have tried this on Windows 7 AS well as Windows XP SP2.

    Please help! Need to sync my contacts with Outlook. Can't seem to connect the phone anyhow! :confused:

  2. pinkllama

    pinkllama Member

    think i'm right in saying that samsung's pc suite is broken.

    easiest way to sync is to export your outlook contacts into googlemail, then sync your phone with google via the data synchronization page in the settings.
  3. Gatak

    Gatak Well-Known Member

    Yes you are right. It doesn't support Android/i5700 phones at all. Only the drivers it installs are usable.
  4. anna_arun

    anna_arun Member

    Same Here. Not able to connect to & sync my contacts.
  5. Vee Emkay

    Vee Emkay New Member

    Hello to all you Galaxy Spica owners:
    I have been struggling with connecting my newly acquired Spica to my laptop, unsuccessfully. :(:(:(
    Then I spent sometime with a person named Shisham and he helped me solve the problem - which Samsung (which I think should be changed to ShamShung).

    You need the new "New PC Studio 1.4.0.IL1" version to connect the Spica to XP/Vista. This is the one available with the newly released Corby.

    Download at Software & Manuals Support - Samsung Mobile
    Download the one with release date Dec. 22, 2009, file size - 122.3MB

    Good luck.

    :) Vee :)
  6. frankmehta

    frankmehta New Member

    Doesn't work. Bugger: Shamshung shucks!
  7. anna_arun

    anna_arun Member

    Does Not Work for me too...
  8. Vee Emkay

    Vee Emkay New Member

    It has to be NPS version 1.4.0.IL1, make sure uninstall all previous versions and restart before installing the 1.4 version - it worked for me both on XP and Vista.
    Good luck.

    PS. After installing and connecting the phone via the USB cable, a USB symbol shows on the top bar of the phone - drag it down and click on connect. Then it will give you a "mount" option (funny terminology to use one a device like this) the phone - click on "mount" then the phone will connect to the PC.
  9. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    I can do all that on v1.3. However cannot do anything with contacts etc.
  10. anna_arun

    anna_arun Member

    Were you able to add contacts & calender sync ?
  11. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    I cant, no.
  12. richard.afonso

    richard.afonso New Member

    I upgraded the NPS to 1.4 and my I5700 is not being recognized. It only recognizes a "UMS Compositte" device and is not possible to do anything on it. I had connected the phone once before installing the software. I think I need to upgrade the driver, but I couldn't. Do you have some problem like this? I want to upgrade it to 2.1, but I need to have this solved first... :(
  13. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    only update is available through nps when the 2.1,update is released and your phone is updated you have to us kies for contacts and things
  14. razorch

    razorch New Member

    I found the solution. Go Settings --> About Phone --> Additional Settings and remove chechbox from "Mass storage only". You will now see your phone as android system but not as USB storage device. Gl, guys :)
  15. nailz

    nailz Active Member

    I dont have this setting.
  16. razorch

    razorch New Member

    if you own Samsung Spica i5700 with android 1.5 on it, you must have this settings. (it is the last menu item in Settings menu and the fourth one from top in About Phone menu)

    Unfortunately, i must say that PC Studio 7 doesn't see the phone.
    New PC Studio recognizes the phone but then u can't even sync your sms or contacts. No update available for me in Ukraine. Android System is not supported i think. Will wait for new software from Samsung.

    I called to Service Centre and will go there tomorrow. Will update my phone to 2.1 android firmware and ask about the synchronization.
  17. Spaz888

    Spaz888 Active Member

    So 2.1 is officially available for update at your cellular carrier?
  18. sjb698

    sjb698 New Member

    I have been trying to get conected from my Galaxy Portal (GT-I5700) to my laptop and PC but with no luck until now.

    I have downloaded the NPS and it stated that the GT-I5700 is not supported and you must use Kies!!

    Having looked for the PC connection I have stumbled across USB debugging. I have switch this on and now my phone is recognised. YES!!

    Hope this helps.

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