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Samsung Note microphone issuesSupport

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  1. Toon Army

    Toon Army New Member

    I have a Samsung Note but am having trouble with the microphone. In the normal mode of making a telephone call the microphone does not work but if I select 'speakerphone' then the microphone works normally and I can carry out out normal phone conversation. In the normal phone mode I have tried turning 'Mute' on/off but still the microphone does not work. Does anyone have an answer to this problem please? Cheers, Toon Army.

  2. anakin1979

    anakin1979 Active Member

    If you have already gone through basic troubleshooting stuff like resetting your phone or even just power cycling (turn it off and on again) then it sounds like a faulty hardware issue. Do you have warranty?
  3. Toon Army

    Toon Army New Member

    Yes, I've tried that but unfortunately with no luck. I do have warranty so I guess it's back to the shop where I bought it now! Thanks for your help.

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