Samsung note N7000- Annoying home screen edit talk back!

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  1. kaprikorn07

    kaprikorn07 New Member

    Hello Everybody,

    I am using Samsung Note N7000, Indian version. I have this small rather annoying issue. When I swipe diagonally inwards using two fingers to make all the screens come together, the phone reads out loud "Home screen edit page open" and when i choose one of screen from that it says "workspace 2 of 4" and so on.

    Could someone please let me know how to remove this annoying talk-back issue!


  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Go to settings, under accessibility, turn off talk back
  3. kaprikorn07

    kaprikorn07 New Member

    Hi chanchan05,

    Thanks for the reply. But I have already turned it off. But still I get talk-back only when I do bring in all home screens!
  4. kaprikorn07

    kaprikorn07 New Member


    I got it solved. Even though i had switched off talk-back, a third party app-POPS was somehow undoing it. I uninstalled pops, and now I am not getting any talk-backs!

    One more query, does anybody know how to make default view in logs to show only call logs instead of call and msgs logs!

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