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  1. sjoerdie

    sjoerdie New Member

    Hello all,

    is there a tv-out cable out there that makes it possible to connect my galaxy tab 2 P5110 to a tv and of course get an image.
    I know there is one for the tab, but that does not seem to work for this model.
    Samsung ECC1TP TV-Out Kabel voor Samsung Galaxy Tab (ECC-1TP0BBECSTD)


  2. Bosbouer

    Bosbouer Well-Known Member

    From other forum's it seems that there is no VGA output on the 30 pin plug or P51XX series.
  3. Bosbouer

    Bosbouer Well-Known Member


    There is no video, hdmi or vga output from the tab 2 ( I found this out too late also) they expect you to use it wirelessly with the allshare app!! This was told to me in two phone calls to Samsung. Two because I didn't believe it first time around!

    The adaptor you speak of which I also purchased is for the original tab.


    This is on this forum so it seems our luck is out unless the TV is compatible with "all share"
  4. Tab101User

    Tab101User Member

  5. Meneer Jansen

    Meneer Jansen Member

  6. skramblr

    skramblr Well-Known Member

    Galaxy Tab2 10.1 (~$250) is not their 'high end' product. It's basically the entry 10" tablet.

    And the reason the cable is so expensive is because the HDMI adapter chip is in the adapter - to keep the tablet cheaper (probably because most people do not need HDMI).

    So it seems to me they are spot on with what the market wants. Sorry it didn't meet your expectations for an inexpensive tablet. There are other tablets out there if you don't like the specs on this one.
  7. Bosbouer

    Bosbouer Well-Known Member

    Spot on

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