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Samsung Pocket - 3G data crash

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  1. tobiasra

    tobiasra Member

    I decided to give Android another try, after having used an Xperia Mini 10 a couple of years ago (which was just unusable due to extreme battery rundown).

    Chose the cheapest of the cheap this time - a samsung S5300 pocket. It looks promising so far in the way that it seems to last nearly as long as my old dumbphone in standby when used sparingly.

    However there is one huge issue. Exactly like my old xperia mini did, the 3G data connection freezes. After the phone has been on for like three hours, the signal will still be okay and the H/3G arrow symbol will still be there, however, the arrows don't blink and no data goes through. I can still make calls and handle SMS when the phone is in this frozen state. A reboot always solves the problem, sometimes just switching off packet data and turning it on again works.

    I've tried both the prepaid sim card the phone came with, and my old sim card on a different Swedish operator. Same problem with both.

    Any idea on how to solve this issue? Is it a common android problem?

  2. tobiasra

    tobiasra Member

    No need to bother much. This one's likely going back to the store because the keylock does not lock the power button, and a five second hold actually forces a hardware reboot, this can't be disabled! Which means it's hard to carry the phone around in a pocket or handbag without having it reboot and ending up on the pin input screen several times a day.

    Had the exact same problem with an Ericsson T200 ten years ago, which also was returned. That one had a tighter power key, and needed to be held for 15 seconds. It was still an issue!

    If any Samsung rep happens to read this:

    This is absolutely inexcusable even for an inexpensive starter phone. If the goddamned thing can't reliably turn on, keep turned on and normally send and recieve phone calls under normal office worker conditions, then Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, compass and whatever means zero. The next time you consider to release a product, you might want hire a couple dozen people of different breeds and occupations to actually test it in the field beforehand.

    Hardware reboot with key isn't even important as a feature - the phone has an easily removable battery. If it must be there, let it be activated by SEVERAL keys - such as holding the front key and the power button for ten seconds at the same time.
  3. tobiasra

    tobiasra Member

    By the way, other than just bashing Samsung maybe I should keep to the thread topic. Found out this is an issue far from unheard of in other phones at least, in case anyone is interested:


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