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samsung precedent is possessed help me fix it plsSupport

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  1. chavonne29

    chavonne29 New Member

    Sry for last thread phone stopped again. It was working fine battery was low bout. 23 percent tried plugging n and wouldn't show charge. It was jumping arouns and freezing up I got knline and it atarted getting worse. It went n and out of airplane mode
    Then it shut off. I finally got it back on and the keyboard on screen was completely differe.t looking
    The screen wil mot lock and I have tried every ay to lock it and it simply will not lock screen ans when I go to power off instead of having thre options silent airplane and off it juzt has power off. What the heck happened and how do I get my old phione back. Thnx for all ur time and patience.

  2. xPureEvilx

    xPureEvilx Well-Known Member

    how old is this phone, and did you modify it at all (with non market apps)?
  3. chavonne29

    chavonne29 New Member

    Its prepaid and first months card is not even up
    There were non market wallpapers and mayb a ringtone or two don't know of me other nonmarket apps but few market ones. Could handcent have nething to do with it? I uninstalled it hut hadn't had on long before it went nuts
  4. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello chavonne. Welcome to the forums.

    It sounds to me like you do have a rogue app/widget in there invoking a service which may not be playing nice with system files. I'd go ahead and remove all 3rd party apps and widgets, then shut the device down and let it charge fully.

    Then boot up and see how it's running. If no joy, it may be time for a factory data reset.
  5. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    And if the reset doesn't fix it, it's still under warranty, so it's not time to panic.

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