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Samsung Prevail and mods

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  1. chrisinsocalif

    chrisinsocalif Well-Known Member

    I have boost mobile and will be purchasing the Samsung Prevail. Do lower end smart phones like the prevail get attention from 3rd party firmware mods such as cyanogenmod?

  2. MarkMcCoskey

    MarkMcCoskey Active Member

    I'm certainly hoping so. I've recently inquired on Cyanogen's and XDA's sites. Now that it is released, hopefully interest will build. $180 phone, with $50 Unlimited plan, that goes down to $35, should get lots of attention. Otherwise, I'll be looking at Virgin Mobiles LG Optimus V, with their $40 plan, which is getting flashing attention (aospCMod).
  3. chrisinsocalif

    chrisinsocalif Well-Known Member

    I tried to pick up the phone on friday when it was released and was only available on Boost's website for 30 minutes and not found in any stores. I sure hope they dont mark up the price of the phone when they get the new shipment. When i bought my last Boost mobile phone, it was listed under 200 dollars on the boost website but Radioshack market it up around 60 dollars.
  4. apoint8longs

    apoint8longs New Member

    im from mass. the phone will be released at best buy on may 15th. i was one of the people to get the phone in the 30 min boost mobile meltdown...lol. i really like the phone compared to the bb 8530
  5. newbytodroid

    newbytodroid Well-Known Member

    If you are able to find someone to port over Cm6 or Cm7 you should have no problems. I am on metro pcs Ascend $100 and Im running cm7:D
  6. BrownLeopard

    BrownLeopard Member

    I got mine in the second wave of meltdowns. It's an awesome phone!
  7. DroidBabe

    DroidBabe Well-Known Member

    I'm curious about this phone. It looks nice. I've seen it at best Buy.

    Are the rumors true?? That there is no Flash on this phone? If so then I'll pass...
  8. chrisinsocalif

    chrisinsocalif Well-Known Member

    You can install flash, but there isn't enough memory on the phone to run it efficiently. I constantly had a low memory indicator on the upper left corner of the phone. It's a great phone for the price, but if you want to run flash and other programs efficiently, its probably best to buy a better phone.

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