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  1. androidnewbie2

    androidnewbie2 Well-Known Member

    I read this on a Best Buy review on how to fix the freezing issue - maybe it might help someone?

    "I have this phone for a week now,from the moment I received it was freezing all the time ,I was going to returned but boost mobil rep advise me to call samsung ,they instruct me to reset the phone by pressing the volume up and the power key (both keys press down at the same time until the Samsumg name flash twice ,at that moment you will get a menu with 4 options ,you select options by using volume down botton and select it by using the cam botton,first you need to use the delete all (remove micro SD before doing that to make sure you don't loose your data),all data including contacts and app installed will be delete,then after data is deleted choose reinstall android ,at that point the phone will restart (takes around 1-2 minutes) and the phone will be reset to default factory keeping the boost mobil activation , this process fixed the freezing for my phone but note this is not a multitasking phone maybe because has a single core cpu and will freeze from time to time if you try to run application with other apps running ,.."

  2. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    its recovery mode, they were told to factory wipe.. nothing more. unfortuatly it wont fix all cases as it just wipes your personal stuff (apps contacts etc etc) not the system stuff.
  3. DestinysPath

    DestinysPath New Member

    I got the samsung prevail last week. It worked perfectly until yesterday when it started completely freezing! I couldn't do anything! I rebooted then researched... soft rebooted (batt out for 2-3 min) and researched more. I tried shaving down the area around the power button and it did not help. I removed apps and ran virus check again with no success. Finally tried a factory reboot and it worked great till now (around 5pm yesterday till 3:15 today). ITS FREEZING AGAIN! Sooo frustrating.
  4. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    i dont even know how to respond to this...

    you cut up your phone why?
    you installed a anti virus on your phone... why?

    Note to new Linux users: No antivirus needed |

    android runs off the linux kernel, its open source and freely able for you to download anywhere.

    in fact here is a list of all known linux "virus'"

    this isnt windows in fact being unrooted is the most unsecure thing you can do.. most of the malware apps woulda been blocked if you have superuser.apk installed, think of it like UAC (User Account Control) on vista/7 where it prompts you to run a program and allow it root access
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  5. AndruoidShawnn

    AndruoidShawnn New Member

    thanx for that info but .. my Samsung Galaxy Prevail [boost] freezes at the start up screen, its stays on the flashing Samsung logo screen [and just keeps flashing] ... what do I do?? [please help] I only got it like a month ago, no problems prior .... could it mean i have too many "apps" on it?? or what!?!?
  6. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    What did you do right before it started this?

    there is a way to recover back to factory specs you may need to do.
  7. lil Doodie

    lil Doodie New Member

    My ( Touch ) Screen Part On The Phone Doesnt Work At All Can Anyboty Help Me Please ?
  8. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    try rebooting the phone? if that didnt work did you try factory reset?
    is your phone rooted? shabbymod or anything?
    if its stock take it into the store see if its a hardware problem.
  9. LEXOBOO311

    LEXOBOO311 New Member

    I received my phone on the fifth of august 2011 and about 1 or 2 weeks later my phone started to freeze. I called boost mobile and they told me to go to about phone in my settings, and update profile. and since then I really didn't have any more freezing problems, I think the reason that it freezes in the first place is because of pressing too many buttons before it registers into the phone. but I learned that when it freezes I stop touching the phone and in about a minute or 2 it unfreezes.
  10. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    wow that is some serious lag on your phone, get it working properly with the information here if you want.
    my phone never has those freezes or lag like that, the most I have ever seen is less then a second of hesitation while transitioning from different things.

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