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Samsung Push Service?Support

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  1. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    What is this exactly?
    Just noticed this appear in the top of my wakelocks. Never noticed it before.

    com.sec.spp.push.Samsung push service

    I downloaded an app from the Samsung Apps Store yesterday, so I'm guessing its something to do with the fact that I used their store, and not the app itself (it was only a camera-related app I was testing)

    The Samsung Push Service app is one that can be uninstalled, but I was just wondering what its purpose is exactly before doing so.

  2. suparuss

    suparuss Well-Known Member Contributor

    I also would like to know this....
  3. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    I just updated my Samsung Apps app, and I noticed this thing installed about 30 seconds later, along with AdService or something, both showed up as sort of seperate applications in my notifications dropdown, both had the same icon as the Samsung Apps app.
    No idea what they're for. Nailed them both with Titanium Pro.
  4. VladR

    VladR New Member

    Samsung Push Service is an application that sends you "push notifications" about apps and offers on Samsung Apps (those that appear in your notifications bar with the Samsung Apps icon). You can uninstall it but everytime you run Samsung Apps it reinstalls it. You can deactivate the service in Samsung Apps: menu > settings > uncheck "send push notifications".
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  5. cooljools

    cooljools New Member

    Every week or so, I get an "update" notification from Samsung Push Service, offering an "update" that I installed previously. It's getting kinda wearisome, and Samsung support doesn't want to know. Anyone had the same problem?
  6. reeven

    reeven Member

    Do not use Sammy crap.
  7. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Not sure what's your problem with Sammy crap but a one liner like that does not help people. At least explain your problem.

    I don't use the Samsung Hubs since generally its just a compilation of shortcuts which you can directly access with the apps themselves. However, occasionally there are some cool stuff in Samsung Apps like free games... etc... and Samsung Apps is the one that ask you to install the push service.

  8. reeven

    reeven Member

    Sammy crap is all social, games,reader hubs, plus their own ad service and push service.
  9. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Only the Samsung Apps itself wants the push service. Its the sacrifice you have to make if you want their stuff. And I think its no harm. I got Piscel Smart Office from there for free. You can always uninstall the push service but will be reinstalled when you run the Samsung Apps again.

    Check the settings under the Samsung apps if there are any notification settings that keeps pushing the push service update to you.

    The rest of the hubs are just a grouping for apps like folders shortcuts so although its not particularly useful, you do have the option to NOT use it. Or just root and remove. Either way, I don't think its any worse than the crap some people get from their service providers.
  10. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    Ah, would this then explain why when I clicked on the notification update and it then went on to the site to get the update, and I say get because that was the option available, it didn't say install or anything just GET.

    But I just came out of that and noticed that the Samsung Apps was showing on my notification bar, and when I looked at it it said the word INSTALLED, so I take it because I clicked on the update it has automatically installed the latest version of Push Services which is version 1.1.6 can someone confirm this is the latest version?


    I forgot to mention that if my memory serves me correctly I don't think I have yet registered an account with Samsung Apps, so maybe that is why it downloaded and installed the latest version of the Push Service without me actually clicking on the word GET from the resulting Samsung Apps web site page.
  11. pm5544

    pm5544 Well-Known Member

    This morning I got a notification about another update to the Samsung Push Service, once again I declined as I haven't registered with Samsung Apps, but like previously It seems to have installed anyway because I got another notification saying it had installed, so it looks like it installs whether you click on GET or decline.

    Can someone give me the correct steps to un-install the push service because from what I can see, there is an option to un-install updates for it, and I wonder if I chose that option and then go back in, would I then see the option to un-install it? and yes as has been said I know it would probably install again if I use Samsung Apps, but I use the Google Play store normally so that shouldn't be an issue.

    I have set the option in the settings for Samsung Apps to disable the push service.
  12. Scottster88

    Scottster88 New Member

    As someone above said, it's just an app update service.

    However, you may notice that it uses quite a bit of data usage. Mostly these "update checks" are pointless and return nothing useful. For some (not me) who have contracts restricted by data usage, this can be a problem.

    If you uninstall Samsung Push Service, it will just reinstall when you visit Samsung apps.
    However, you can restrict the usage of it, preventing it gobbling up all your data.

    1) Go to your settings
    2) Go to Data Usage
    3) Scroll down to "Samsung Push Service" then tap on it
    4) Scroll down then tap "Restrict Background Data"

    Doing this will mean the push service will only run if you are connected to a wireless (internet) network (home or public). Meaning your own data isn't being used by the service. ;)

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