Samsung releases source code(t-mobile) for Relay 4gGeneral

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  1. psygnosi

    psygnosi Member

  2. gravastar

    gravastar New Member

    Total newb here, so forgive me if this is obvious, but, does this mean you can use this to root the phone and not have to mess with using GS3 images that only mostly work? Because, I like the camera and watching videos on my phone.

    Is anybody working on this? I'd like to help, but like I said, totally new to this(first android phone). Not to say I couldn't figure it out, I just need some basic instructions. Like a generic how-to that I can use for reference. Anyone got a link?
  3. cembalo

    cembalo New Member

    Trying to root my Relay 4G but UnlockRoot.exe returns a "failed to get shell root" error. How did you unlock your relay? Manually - if so what did you use?

    Mark Adler

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