Samsung Reveals Docks, Cases for Epic 4G (Galaxy) PhonesAccessories

  1. YaBoiD

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    Samsung Reveals Docks, Cases for Vibrant, Captivate, and Epic 4G - Yahoo! News


    YouTube - Sprint EPIC 4G Accessories


    Samsung on Wednesday announced some battery-boosting cases and docks for their popular Galaxy S line of smartphones, including AT&T's Captivate, T-Mobile's Vibrant, Verizon's Fascinate and Sprint's Epic 4G.
    The new accessories include a car dock, a bedside dock, and a backup battery charger. The bedside dock comes with a new app, Desk Home, which kicks the phone into a bedside mode, lowering the screen brightness and offering easy access to weather, alarms and music.
    The accessories will be customized to fit the different form factors of each of the four carrier models, Samsung said. The company didn't announce prices for the accessories, but they'll all be available on Samsung's Web site.
    Both the Samsung Captivate and Vibrant come with free Google Maps Navigation, but they're not yet the best phones to use in your car. Both phones are waiting on promised updates to fix problems with their A-GPS reception, and they need an upcoming Android 2.2 update for their voice dialing to work with Bluetooth headsets.

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  2. Adrift

    Adrift Well-Known Member

    Well this is a good sign that Samsung is taking this device very seriously, and will (hopefully) be supporting this device long into the future.
  3. Doyer

    Doyer Well-Known Member

  4. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Those are pretty nice. I wonder if Samsung will be better about releasing the "official" docks than HTC has been for the EVO. Originally, the docks for the EVO were supposed to be available on the release date, then July, then August (right after the 2.2 upgrade), now the latest rumor is sometime in September...LOL.
  5. prince eric

    prince eric Member

    I like the desk dock, its funny I was just wondering if they'd have something like this if the phone ever becomes available
  6. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Well-Known Member

    What is a battery boosting case???
  7. Doyer

    Doyer Well-Known Member

    A case that steals your battery.

    :p jk
  8. forddna

    forddna Well-Known Member

  9. iBleedBlackNgold

    iBleedBlackNgold Well-Known Member

    what site is that first pic from ?? i cant get a close look at whats what
  10. YaBoiD

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    Here ya go, sorry about that, attached the original pic to the OP also.

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  11. DILands

    DILands Well-Known Member Contributor

    Is it correct (and sad) to assume that the dock will not work if the Epic is an a case?
  12. Zeosstud

    Zeosstud Member

    It is a fact that you cant have a case on your phone and plug it into the home dock. But that is not the worst of it, the audio connection on the home dock, not even operational until the phone gets updated to Froyo ( Android 2.2 ). Guys that is just plain silly to me.

  13. forddna

    forddna Well-Known Member

    My first purchase will be the spare batter and charger. I loved that about my Instinct (was included in the box).
  14. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Well-Known Member

    Evo car dock has been out for a bit now. it's just not in stores or being advertised.
  15. Keybeeetsss

    Keybeeetsss Well-Known Member

    That & the soft case for me; I hate the 1 that was only available when I got it...
  16. Keybeeetsss

    Keybeeetsss Well-Known Member

    Well I did get the Soft Case :)
  17. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    I'll have pics of my Epic in the ProClip Adjustable holder before the end of the weekend. I really don't understand their car dock. The bottom of the holder is fixed to cup the bottom of the phone and the top has to slide in to the male MicroUSB. That's just confusing unless the bottom clips are on some sort of spring. Personally I'm sticking with the adjustable holder that fits my bare Epic just fine and getting and up angled microUSB cable that can run behind the holder and not stick up like a sore thumb when plugged in.

    No need for a custom holder that'll set me back another $60+ and only use for a year before I ditch the Epic and move on to something else.

    And, like the official Evo holder it's probably a fail because I'm sure the cradle doesn't have a standard AMPS or Richter back to attach it to a dash mount from any of the mounting companies (proclip, panavise and such). So you're stuck with a suction cup that sits on your windshield or the top of your dash like an appendage.
  18. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Well-Known Member

    I actually saw one in the Sprint store here in Milwaukee today.

    Does anyone know if the usb input will be at the base of the car dock like the Evo's??
  19. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    if it's in the base, you're stuck using it with the suction cup. no real way to have a nice integrated dash solution.
  20. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Well-Known Member

    Desk dock sucks. 3mm jack doesn't work and it keeps muting the phone.
  21. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    I think someone said the jack will work once the 2.2 upgrade comes out.

    Also, did you download the dock app from the market?
  22. Flaspeneer

    Flaspeneer Well-Known Member

    Trouble is, the rubber "soft" case is only soft on the outside. I love the charger (which anyone who owns this phone will need), but I haven't able to use it because I'm afraid I'll scratch the phone removing the soft shell with the hard plastic interior. Someone needs to make a great case for the Epic that's both effortless and safe to remove.

    In the meantime, I'm considering taking back the rubber case tomorrow and getting the leather one (to which you've linked) instead.
  23. rmingee

    rmingee Well-Known Member

    Any updated ETA on the Froyo update? This is by far the biggest annoyance of waiting for it -- waiting on the audio connector in the awesome desk dock to be enabled. I can't really use the dock and listen to Pandora at the same time now (other than propping it up on the dock "backwards").

    -- robert
  24. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    I thought it was October, but I don't remember where I saw the rumors. Don't think a definite date was given.

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