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  1. bethkay

    bethkay Active Member

    How do you move stuff to the sd card? I've got a 32 gb SD card and no idea what to do with it! :p

  2. martinez41613

    martinez41613 Well-Known Member

    You can either go to the My Files app and move the files you want or you could connect your phone to your computer and move your files that way.
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  3. norcalscot

    norcalscot Member

    You can't yet install apps on your SD card, but you can put your books, movies, music, etc. on there.

    Easiest way is to hook your Reverb to a PC using a USB cable. You can then see both the Reverb's internal memory and the SD card.

    Open a Windows Explorer window and look under "Computer" for a device named "SPH-M950". Under it you will see two entries named "Card" and "Phone". The "Card" is your SD Card. You can put your stuff in there.
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  4. bethkay

    bethkay Active Member

    Thanks for the info! I'll do that.
  5. Renegade247

    Renegade247 New Member

    I have a reverb that is out of space and a 16 gig sd card I can't use. Just going to my files does not lead one to the answer of moving books, music, etc. to the sd card. I run linux so I can't just pop in an usb cable and do it that way. Could someone please post an answer to this very frustrating problem with a little more detail??? Thank in advance.:mad:
  6. learning2

    learning2 Well-Known Member

    Open the My Files app: Under /mnt you should see two cards:
    sdcard (the internal one)
    extSdCard (youur new card)

    Navigate into sdcard, and long press on a file or directory until you get a menu. From the menu, choose "move"

    Now, navigate to your extSdCard, when you get to the spot where you want to install the file, choose "move here" from the top bar.

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