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  1. xxxmandyxx

    xxxmandyxx New Member

    Hi I have a Samsung S2 on 02 and have had it for 4 months. recently I have a symbol at the top that looks like a no entry symbol and if I try to make calls etc it says please insert sim, the sim is inserted already but still getting this error. It has happened a few times and all of a sudden it will start working again, but I have had the symbol on for 3 days now and wondering what it could be and why is it happening.
    when I go to settings>about phone>status: it says the following

    Network > unknown
    Signal strength > 0dBm 99 asu
    mobile network type > unknown
    service state > out of service
    mobile network state > not connected
    my number > unknown
    IMEI > unknown
    IMEI SV > unknown

    I dont know what to do can anybody please help im lost without my phone :(

  2. zoonie

    zoonie Well-Known Member

    Take out the sim card give it a gental wipe with a soft lint free cloth then put the sim back in your phone and reboot! This may cure your problem
  3. puzlid

    puzlid Member

    Have you tried selecting automatic network operator? Settings-more-mobile networks, then select automatic. Had the same problem would lose the signal for hours when I selected a specific operator.
  4. cateran100

    cateran100 New Member

    I have the same issue (Three - UK) and it`s started a few weeks ago. The sim working fine in my other mobile (LG Optimus L3) so it`s not faulty sim card. And actually the loss happens only when I`m tethering...really annoying. Unfortunately I don`t know any good solution (btw currently 4.0.4. the Android version)

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