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  1. mannypr923

    mannypr923 Member

    My samsung S2 went is not in use on extanbay the screen go on and off every time if some one got the same ploblem looking fir solution

  2. systemofadown

    systemofadown Well-Known Member

    Screen timeout?
    if so go to display in settings & up the amount of time (minutes) before it closes. ...edit.. is your screen just randomly opening & closing? I may have misunderstood the question....
  3. mannypr923

    mannypr923 Member

    Yes the screen just randomly opening & closing all the time I try we no look

    FLAWLESSVW Well-Known Member

    I actually had an app cause the screen to wake randomly (and often) which was very annoying. It was 8x8 Virtual Office.

    I'm not sure if you're having a similar problem, but you may want to try and narrow it down to correspond with the time you installed a certain app FWIW.
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