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  1. Blackheaven

    Blackheaven New Member

    I have bought few days ago a samsung galaxy s3 my unit had a dead pixel on the top right..... I checked it by using *#0*# and tested the lcd...... so I went and had it replaced the next day now this time it was in the middle :mad: what are the chances now I am waiting for 3rd replacement....

    don't get me wrong I really do like the phone and the battery life and the features and theres nothing wrong with it except the screen....

    I don't mind something breaking over time but when you buy something you expect to atleast have it fully functioning as it should .....

    I know it would cost them alot if none of the screens had a defect of some sort but I mean how many units out there with such a problem this not just a problem with samsung I had 2 iphone 4s replaced 3-4 stuck pixels even 3rd unit had 1 stuck pixel as if flawless screen these days dont exists anymore..... tbh Id rather pay more if they can garuntee me the screen have no defects than paying the normal price and have such hassels to exchange and show them every time or living with an ugly dead pixel while watching videos and playing some people dont mind but for others it's really bothersome.

  2. ColtsWalker

    ColtsWalker Well-Known Member

    Where are you acquiring these phones? They sound like "refurbished" rather than "new." Larry's Bargain Basement Phone Outlet may not be the best place to purchase a new touchscreen device if perfection is the objective.
  3. Blackheaven

    Blackheaven New Member

    They were brand new and sealed with sticker intact I got them from Dubai from reputable dealer. Maybe when it comes to middle east the quality control is a bit sloppy ive read somewhere in korea samsung have 0 dead pixel 0 stuck policy for korea guess they get the cake we get the leftovers :/.
  4. CargoMatatu

    CargoMatatu Well-Known Member

    Galaxy S3 "a few days ago"?
  5. elbeeuk

    elbeeuk Well-Known Member

    From what I read, some countries in the Middle East have had it on sale for the past week

  6. milesh

    milesh New Member

    are you from sri lanka?

  7. mert199669

    mert199669 New Member

    Got the same problem !! Two dead pixels on my S3 !! I know what you mean ! It doesn't look good when you watch videos or pictures or something else on the S3 with dead pixels :( I sent my S3 to a repair and I hope the dead pixels will be gone ! What have you done to make the dead pixels away??
  8. DroidUser1

    DroidUser1 Well-Known Member

    I havn't been on these boards for very long but this is a first hearing about dead pixels. I've had my phone for 3 months now with zero problems, and I use this thing a lot... :D

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