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Samsung S3 - Mercedes car phoneSupport

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  1. Twinkl

    Twinkl New Member

    Can anyone help me.
    We have MB A class that has built in car phone. My samsung S3 pairs fine, can transfer contacts to the phone book. I can receive calls and pick them up / put them down using steering wheel phone buttons, but to make a call I have to dial using the mobile phone, once this is done it comes through the car speaker system. If I try to dial using the car, it shows as connecting but no ring tone and then disconnects. Anyone else had the same problem? Have tried settings on my phone but can't find anything to change.

  2. Spaceprobe

    Spaceprobe Well-Known Member

    I have similar problems with my Audi bulit in system, web searches show that the unit made by Nokia suffers from these issues. I can only make calls via voice activation via S voice. Hoping this will improve with Google Now on Jelly Bean
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  3. Twinkl

    Twinkl New Member

    Thank you, never thought of using s voice just a pain though how it works on incoming calls but not outgoing...
  4. Ches111

    Ches111 Well-Known Member

    GMs Bluetooth implementation works just fine. I am able to make calls via phonebook, voice (Svoice), or speaking the number (stock GMs voice reco is actually pretty good). In my case the only thing that does not work is the current Bluetooth implementation on GM vehicles is segmented into two parts Phone and Stereo. Phone part works a charm, stereo does not work at all without additional adapter for A2DP. This is supported on newer vehicles than mine but you have to order wisely.

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