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  1. tdibratt

    tdibratt New Member

    Hi I have a Samsung S4 and I use the default Music Player that comes with it. I can play music on the phone, via paired bluetooth devices fine. I can also play on my Denon AVR991. Problem is I never configured the phone to be able to play on my Denon and one day I was playing music I saw DENON on hte list of available devices so I picked it and it worked! I was hoping I could do this. The problem is the Denon is not always in the list of available devices. I scan for devices and none found yet every once in a while the Denon is there. Today I noticed it in the list. My Denon was actually off and in STANDBY MODE as it always is when not being used and I picked it and it worked. It turned on the Denon and music streamed fine. I shut off the Denon back to standby mode. Did a scan on the phone and the Denon is not there. So something is not working properly and I am not sure where to begin. The Denon is AirPlay compatible and the way this behaves where it turns on the device and plays music is very similar to the way the IPODS work. So I assume it is using the AIRPLAY function of the Denon. Any ideas?

  2. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Well-Known Member

    The S4 has a Direct WiFi function. Could the Denon be picking up on that instead of bluetooth? If that is the case, there may be some settings in the Direct WiFi section that may have a bearing on what is going on. I have only played with the Direct WiFi stuff, so I know little more about it than it is there, but in reading your question it came to mind.
  3. tdibratt

    tdibratt New Member

    WIFI Direct seems to be Samsung Implementation to allow sharing. I used it to scan and nothing.

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