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Samsung s5360 firmware files (ony one file)Support

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  1. johnston27

    johnston27 Member


    Looking to update my s5360 to 2.3.6 , i've found the KJ4 version for Czech (XEX) , and i'm planning to try to flash. Anyway i request another time the 2.3.6 version for FOP (Spain).

    Odin 1.85 requires PIT,BOOTLOADER,PDA,PHONE and CSC files . And the one i got is in "one package" format, means ,only one .md5 file.

    I've read on the net that i should put the md5 file into PDA slot , ignore the others and try to flash.

    Anyone did this? Worked? Or you get a nice brick.

    Thanks all

  2. mmiranoc

    mmiranoc Member

    Put it only to PDA and leave the other alone. if it fail remove battery put it back after 5 sec then put it again to PDA and put the totoro_0623.pit to the pit.
  3. mmiranoc

    mmiranoc Member

    Don't worry if it fail because you can reflash with other firmware im sure you done it before with multiple,

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