Samsung sch-R880

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  1. tawnya

    tawnya Member

    can anyone tell me how to turn off the sound notifications at night for everything but the phone? I don't messaged and email notifies coming in when I am sleeping but I do want the phone to ring.

    Thanks in advance! Tawnya:)

  2. thestir

    thestir Member

    I go to settings, sound and display and set the notification ring tone to silent. Your phone will still ring, and will also alert if there is a loss of signal.
  3. missemz

    missemz Member

    I have noticed that for various apps/programs, you have to go to each one's settings individually to choose what type of notifications you want.

    Go into chat, and notifications under settings, choosing silence. Same with email, and any apps you have to periodically check for things (facebook, antivirus, etc.)

    My phone doesn't give me notifications (sound/vibrate) at all unless I put the phone on vibrate, which is fine with me, since I check my phone plenty often enough anyways.

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