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  1. hyjyljyj

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    Ever since I changed my Yahoo Mail password a week ago, I keep getting messages telling me I've successfully shared my contacts with dzhang. Nobody at T-Mobile, Yahoo or Google seems to have any idea who or what dzhang is, except that it's phishing the phone and spamming all your contacts. I can't delete Samsung Social Hub app from my Galaxy S2, so I just wonder if anyone has found a way to get the sharing of contacts with dzhang to stop.

    Clicking the button "Stop Sharing" sends you to Yahoo's login page, after re-entering your data it goes to a page where you uncheck sharing with dzhang...and then in an hour you get another e-mail saying you've successfully shared with them again all your contacts.

    Any help would be awesome before I dump the Samsung for iPhone and dump Yahoo for Gmail.

    I've tried going into settings, accounts, and deleting info from social hub but nothing works.


  2. Harry2

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