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  1. aliii

    aliii New Member

    Anyone know how to use this? :p

    It adds all my accounts to the screen (at the moment, just Facebook, Email and Messaging) but I just think that I'm not using it to it's full potential. Facebook just loads the mobile page when I click on it. I thought you could get all your messages in one inbox, and see which contacts are online etc??

    I'm really confused, even when I read on Google, there isn't any instructions on how to set it up or anything.

    Any help would be appreciated :)


  2. pjrodz

    pjrodz New Member

    I exactly feel the same way. It looks like it's just a bookmarks list.
  3. suicidallooney

    suicidallooney Well-Known Member

    Just download the dedicated application made for android by facebook, same for twitter etc
  4. nick_htid

    nick_htid Member

    not sure about social hub not really tried it yet but in my experience facebook for android is crap! it is so plain and basic and it is slow and glitchy. just stick to facebook mobile. its loads better and its proper facebook not just a half ass app.

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