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  1. windsurfer51

    windsurfer51 Member

    Just wondering if the startup jingle can be replaced, it must be the most horrible jingle i've heard in a long time. Tablet is rooted.

  2. vosg

    vosg Well-Known Member

    The file is to be found here:
    You can replace it with something else, or remove it all together.
    After you replaced it, make sure you give the new file the correct attributes: 644
    Good luck.
  3. windsurfer51

    windsurfer51 Member

    @ vosg
    Thank you.
    The media folder on my Samsung 5113 tablet has no files in it, there are 2 folders called Audio and Tapes but neither has any files in it. There are lots of ogg files for the navigation system that i can open and play. I did update to Jelly Bean
  4. windsurfer51

    windsurfer51 Member

    @ vosg

    Thanks again, tried to find the file with Samba file sharing but it won't show up with that, found it and replaced it and sounds 1000 times better now :)

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