Samsung Tab 3 Custom Rom | Booting Into Recovery

  1. Hi there ,

    I have a Galaxy Tab 3 , SM-T210. I want to install a Custom Rom , Any custom rom will do. At this point I would even restore it back to Stock rom.

    My problem is :

    I flashed CWM onto it VIA Odin. So far so good.

    Booted into Recovery Mode , Installed ROM via Zip file from my SD card. After few seconds it says "Installation complete". So far so good

    I go to Reboot the Tablet , Hoping it Boots into the ROM i Installed , And it just Goes back to Recovery mode Automatically. I Try format Cashe + Dalvik + System format , Than repeat my steps and re-install ROM. I reboot and It just boots into Recovery again after completing installation of the ROM.

    I try over and over to Reboot , I even tried installing various different Custom ROMS. I am now Completely Confused and Lost ! It wont boot into the ROM , It keeps booting into CWM Recovery mode and i'm very frustrated that it wont work.

    Somone once told me that it could be a problem with my bootloader or something ? However im not sure where to get the bootloader for the SM-T210 model. I've searched High and low with no joy.

    Please somone help me !

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Generally this would mean that the ROM is badly corrupted. A few seconds sounds very short for a ROM install, so I can't help suspect that there's something wrong with the ROM zip. Except you say you've tried various different ROMs, and if that all don't work (and are indeed intended for that device) then maybe it's the recovery which is wrong.

    Have you tried flashing a different version, or even a different custom recovery (if there is more than one for that device)? Please note that it's very important that you only use a custom recovery that is built for that exact device model - you can get into a serious mess if you flash the wrong recovery.

    The best is probably to register (it's free) so that you can post in the forum here for rooting that device: Galaxy Tab 3 7 - All Things Root - Android Forums. That way you can discuss it with people who are familiar with that particular device, which is how you'll get the best advice for a very device-specific problem like this.

    Good luck! This should be fixable (if you can boot at all, get into the bootloader/recovery, then it's fixable), but it needs someone who knows the options for that particular model.

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