Samsung to turn it's focus to Android in the near future!

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  1. mastermind1431

    mastermind1431 Well-Known Member

    Samsung has stated that Android is their focus point in the near future. Bada is their own platform and it would also remain with same priority for Samsung who is the South Korean tech giant.:p

    There is good demand for Android in the market with it being the second most popular mobile platform in the US market right now. This might have made the company think to shift their attention to Android.:)

    to know more..

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  2. Boodies

    Boodies Well-Known Member

    it's about time! it's good to hear something like this. it took them a while but it seems they now truly realize the potential for android. They just better not make the same mistake again with the lack of updates. But that only happened like once. But no company is perfect, look at apple, htc. Keep up the good work! LOL i use samsung everything from TV, DVD, AUDIO, PHONE, Washer, Dryer :)
  3. mastermind1431

    mastermind1431 Well-Known Member

    Yes, It is really a good news.... Moreover, Android is gaining the market in super fast pace..... :)

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