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Samsung Vibrant *BUGS*Support

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  1. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    It does seem to have quite a bit of lag. Hope it can be remedied with a software update.

  2. Garmas

    Garmas New Member

    I'm having the same problem,but only when I open goole.com
  3. Garmas

    Garmas New Member

    I meam gloogle.com
  4. Wata88

    Wata88 Member

    I tried Gizmodo.com and im able to see the full website and the mobile one with no problem.
  5. knivez

    knivez Active Member

    Browser Screen brightness is not maxed (browser locked-setting) - xda-developers

    I can confirm this is happening on my phone as well. I downloaded the flashlight app and hit the "back" arrow key to go back to the browser that was displaying a white page I had loaded up previously (zoomed in at the bottom of the google page, where it's just white).

    That's the easiest way to tell, cause when you hit the back arrow key you see the brightness shift from high to low as the app switches from flashlight to browser.

    Try it for yourselves. It kinda sucks that the browser is locked in at a particular brightness....hopefully someone can come up with a fix for this.
  6. rahuldang

    rahuldang Well-Known Member

    the brightness is fine as is for me. its amazing for me at least as is and the overall screen quality is amazing as well.
  7. knivez

    knivez Active Member

    Well, I'm glad that you like the screen quality but you're missing the point. The screen is great, but there shouldn't be a setting that locks down the browser brightness to 80%.
  8. spiz

    spiz Well-Known Member

    The BH2 did the same thing... not sure why. Could be Samsung's way of preserving battery life? Either way, there should always be a way to disable stuff like this.
  9. So far i have had no troubles with this phone, but then again i just got it 4 days ago.. Please post any known issues or problems you are having with ur vibrant
  10. crestsider

    crestsider Member

    How is your signal strength? Mine was pretty good with my prior phone now it bounces around way to much in and out of 3g.
  11. nMIK-3

    nMIK-3 Well-Known Member

  12. crestsider

    crestsider Member

    How is everyone's signal strength? Mine is awful when I am at home in terms of bouncing out of 3g to 2g and I am in a great 3g area. Any software fixes for the signal? My prior phone didn't have any issues with the signal.
  13. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Well-Known Member

    Im used to iTunes so when i plug the Vibrant into the computer, i have to go to "computer" and all it shows is "removable device J" and "removable device K". Click on it and it says" please insert disk".

    Is that whats supposed to happen? Is that where you drag and drop stuff onto a Micro SD card? Because it isnt even showing anything on the inserted 2GB card with Avatar on it.

    Also when my battery icon shows 3/4 of the way charged, when i go into settings> about phone>status>, it says battery level was 43%. When it was halfway, it said 35%. I think something is off as far as how much battery is actually left. Hopefully it is the the one in "about phone".
  14. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Well-Known Member

    What is XDA guys?
  15. jree

    jree Well-Known Member

    You have to drop the notification bar down and mount the sd card to the comp. As far as the battery goes, yeah, everyone has that problem and I hope they fix it with the next(hopefully) update.

    I don't understand all the laginess that you guys are experiencing. Touchwiz has been awesome for me, on par with swype. Connected to wi-fi I don't notice that much of a difference with speed downloading, only when uploading
  16. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One... VIP Member

  17. nMIK-3

    nMIK-3 Well-Known Member

  18. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Well-Known Member

    1. I checked that thread, only happened with the Greek sites, could be due to poor internationalized support??
    2. If I ever keep track of birthdays, I also put the year. Kinda ocd like that, so haven't seen it
    3. This is one of those how you feel about it things. Touching this button isn't the same as with the wifi button, as that simply turns it on or off.
    4. I think the batter icon is using a exponential or logarithmic scale as I've seen the same thing on my Behold II. I'm thinking their thinking on this isn't to show you the raw percentage but a relative percentage based off of expected performance of the phone. Think of it like the miles remaining meter on newer cars. Depending on how you drive changes how much the computer things how many miles is left in the tank, not how many gallons. So I think this is more of a how ever you feel about it, but doubt it will change.
    5. Geez some of these things you call "bugs" are just ui "features" Maybe not well thought out like the bluetooth/wifi buttons, but I dont think they are bugs. Anyways I think their thoughts on this was to keep the sms databases small. I know with my previous experience with the Behold II, if I didn't delete messages after a while, the messaging app would lag big time.
    6. Haven't delt with that, so it could be a bug.
    7. I think this is more to do with the market and not the phone.
    8. This probably has to do with touchwiz ui. Think of the way file types on a pc are mapped to particular programs. doc for ms word, txt for notepad, etc. Similar idea in Android. Actions are mapped to different things, and thats why you get the pick default option if you have more then one program that can handle some action. In this case, either a) its hard mapped to use the browser(more then likely the case) or b) the facebook app hasn't been built to specify that action. But then even the facebook app sends you to the browser for things, so I've never used the app.
    9. I dont know what this does, but reading this post, http://androidforums.com/htc-droid-eris/38801-checkin.html . Its like the check for update item in the settings menu. I'd say meh whatev on this point.
    10. You might be confusing that with the real feature of Picasa web albums. The gallery app will show your picasa album thats linked to your google account used on the phone.
    11. You can turn this off in the messenger app. Also something to point out, you can turn off notifications in the default messenger app and use whatever one you like.

    So final thoughts. Most of these are just maybe some sticking points on your personal preference on doing things, not generally bugs. Except for 1,2,6,7. They are what I would think of as bugs as they affect the functionality of the phone.
  19. nMIK-3

    nMIK-3 Well-Known Member

    With all the respect what is the point of your post?
    Vibrant is a new phone and as any new phone it suffers some bugs. Collecting all of them in one place will help to report them and found temporary solutions about them. This thread is been reported to Samsung Services by me and bugs 1-9 have been confirmed with them.

    Now lets answer to your post because you are look to me a bit confuse.

    1. This is a confirmed bug probably due to Java error. New sites are added to the list daily I am not even bothering reporting them anymore. Gizmodo.com was causing to a crash yesterday while it is working correctly today. This may be related to ads. Probably yesterday they service an ad that causing the error while today this ad is off. Tomorrow it maybe back again and the browser will crash. It can happen to any site even to this one. - MAJOR BUG
    2. I always keep track for birthdays. And of course missing the birth YEAR from a contact is not my choice. This happens because Google Contacts are synchronizes with Facebook and guess what in Facebook plenty of people are hiding their birth-year. Meaning my 500+ contacts are containing MANY contacts with birthday entry without a year. Now each contact without a birth-year entry is not accessible from the Vibrant. - MAJOR BUG
    3. Samsung put On/Off buttons in the Taskbar. They basically implement the original Android Power Control Widget into the TaskMan and this is GREAT IDEA. This Widget turn ON/Off all wireless functions Wifi/Bluetooth/GPS etc. Now if you found it logical to have an On/Off button for WiFi, an On/Off button for GPS, and On/Off button for Silent but a Setting button for Bluetooth I am not sure what to tell you. - Minor Bug
    4. The battery indicator is WRONG. It doesn't get simpler that that. Download a battery widget or go to settings Battery option to see what is the correct percentage of the battery. - Minor Bug
    5. Geez what is your problem? This $600 phone has 16GB of build-in memory I thing it is able to handle hundred of thousands (if necessary) of text messages with no problem. It is my decision to not delete any message and I do not want to be annoying by a popup every time I am accessing messaging like 50+ times per day. It is clear that Samsung put this message to notify people, they just forgot to include a never ask again option or maybe the never ask again option is there once you click the "No limits" button but it is not working. - Minor bug.
    6. It is an confirmed IMAP bug just like the rest on the list and this is why you see it here. - Minor Bug
    7. No it is because the Visual Voicemail is build in to the firmware and when you download it from the market it fails to remove the build in one because it contains Samsung/T-Mobile digital signatures. -Minor Bug
    8. Whatever the problem is, Facebook links opens in the browser and to my surprise some of them are open in the App. It just doesn't make any sense having an build in Facebook app and the phone lead to the mobile website. I am not sure about you but I want to flipping in facebook pictures scrolling my finger left and right and not looking to click a tiny next in the browser. - Minor Bug
    9. Congratulations on your discovery. It may be "whatever" to you but it well needed to me. This code is for advance users and it is necessary for a force/manual check of System Updates and App updates. You may not use it but it is an Android Standard code and it is not working in my phone period. - Minor Bug
    10. No I do not confuse it with Picasa neither Flikr or anything else. I think I was pretty clear. This ability was present in the preproduction models. I am saying it pretty clear this is not a bug but a missing function. HTC Sense gallery has this function. Samsung demonstrate this in the pre-release firmware. The phone streams Galleries from Picasa, Flikr and plenty of other repositories and the extremely popular Facebook to be absent from the final unit is just doesn't make sense. - Missing function that may be caused from a bug
    11. Once again you did not get the point. SMS Delivery Reports are highly important to me. Why should I turn them off? I am just complaining that your phone Rings and notify you every time an SMS message is delivered. This is how SMS Delivery report use to work last decade. Other Android just display a silent green arrow every time a message is delivered. Thats all you need. Sending a message and get a notification with a ringtone and vibration for every single delivery is not practical it it does not make any sense in todays world. And as I clearly said this is not a bug but a - Recommendation

    So MY final thoughts. All of them besides 11 are bugs. I am not sure about you but bugs 1 and 2 are making the phone nonfunctional to me and many other users, your opinions are respected and commented above but sorry, I do not need anyone to prove me the opposite.
  20. carn1fex

    carn1fex New Member

    Agreed, this annoys me. Anyone know a fix?
  21. My bad i didnt mean to post the issue post in here but i guess its better then making a whole new thread thats already been started
  22. MyFishWagon

    MyFishWagon Well-Known Member

    The whole browser closing on java websites is killing me... I cant even open woot.com :rolleyes:
  23. JimDog

    JimDog New Member

    Not saying this is a fix, but in the mean time, I've tested Opera and it appears to work fine (including woot.com). Again, I think this issue needs to be fixed, just letting you know there is a work around. Hopefully it gets fixed in the first software update they release.

    Hope that helps.
  24. MyFishWagon

    MyFishWagon Well-Known Member

    Yes, I have been using Opera actually, and I like it. But Id still like the default browser to work as well. Hoping for that OTA update fix :rolleyes:

    PS - Thanks for the reply !
  25. sars086

    sars086 New Member

    Anyone having text messaging issues? Using the standard text program that comes with the phone has been giving me a few issues. It has only happened a few times but when I select one thread it goes to a different thread. I have to close out of the messaging app completely to be able to select the thread I want. I actually hit reply to a message once and it sent the text to a totally different contact, but still showed up in the message thread for the person I intended it for. I didn't know that it had been sent to the wrong person until I got a text back from a very confused friend.

    Suggestions? I'm thinking of installing a new text messaging app such as Handcent but I've heard it can be laggy. Anyone have it installed and can share thoughts?

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