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  1. lanewrightme

    lanewrightme New Member

    Before I updated to Froyo 2.2, my music player worked fine. But sometime after the update I noticed the music I synced wasn't producing results when I touched the artist or albums tabs.

    In full disclosure here, it was about the same time that I started trying to sync playlists to my phone from Windows Media Player. I don't know if there's an inherent problem there, but I'm pretty sure that also worked before the upgrade.

    When I'm on the 'all songs' tab, I can see the songs with artist and album information. The playlist tab works, but for some reason I see no results (well actually just one) under the albums and artists tabs.

    If I do a search for an album name, it finds the songs that match and puts them in a search result list.

    I deleted my music, and playlist folders and then re-synced. I downloaded Doubletwist and that had the same problem as the stock music player. I've reset my phone (hard and soft). Nothing's worked.

    Oh and I looked at a post that suggested using Magic MP3 Tagger, but I don't think that would be the solution for my problem, since the tagging data appears to be attached to the file. It's just the artist and album grouping tabs are showing no results.

    Also, I checked the file that did appear (the same one result for each the Album and Artist tabs) and there appeared to be nothing different--same type of file, same type of information attached.

    I'm stumped! Any ideas?

  2. lanewrightme

    lanewrightme New Member

    It took a few weeks, but I think I solved my own problem. I just went into the 'files' app, selected the music folder where all my music files were stored, moved the entire folder into the /media/audio folder. Poof! My artists, album and other information is now showing up in the right place.
    I believe I deleted the entire music folder for some reason. When I re-created it, I just created it in the wrong place.

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