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Samsung Vibrant Outlook Email Won't WorkSupport

  1. Atonisson

    Atonisson New Member

    Yesterday my email accounts on my Samsung Vibrant mysteriously disappeared. I was able to immediately get my yahoo account to start working again but my work exchange email account won't set up.

    I've turned my vibrant wireless off. I fill out all the info required: my email (name.company.com), my password, my user name (/name), and my server (company.com) but it gives the error "Setup could not finish: Unable to open connection to server." I don't understand what the problem is becasue it worked fine for the past month and a half.

    I went to T-Mobile to get help and they called tech support and said it was my companies IT that was the problem and I need to speak with them. To me that is them blowing me off because they can't figure it out. Why would both my email account suddenly disappear and then why would my exchange email stop working?

    I also downloaded Touchdown to try to see if it would work and I get an error there too.

    Any ideas, help? What info has worked to setup corporate exchange email?

  2. truoc444

    truoc444 Well-Known Member

    I have to use the following format for mine.

    Email: email@company.com
    Username: DOMAIN\username

    Also check if you need ssl or not

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