Samsung Vibrant Problems

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    Sep 30, 2011
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    I am having problems with the phone screen shutting off when I try to dial out a call or answer an incoming call. Once the screen shuts off I cannot do anything and the only way to get it back on is to plug in the charger and then unplug it and the screen pops back on. Obviously this is VERY frustrating.

    I also note on page 1 of the screen, all of a sudden I have two android market apps showing? As well as what looks like an android market app but is grey and has one of my friends names on it and if you use it, it direct dials him. NO CLUE how it got there and I have accidently brushed it and it's called him in error.

    When I 1st got this phone everything seemed fine. Now along with the above problems, I also cannot get any ring tones to play as my set tone for incoming calls.

    The whole phone seems to be getting worse and worse slowly.

    Any ideas??


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