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Samsung Vibrant - t-mobile unlocked

  1. devotion981

    devotion981 Member

    I have a mint condition Vibrant for sale, I'm hoping for about $120 shipped. Paypal verifed US. I have a couple of pics I will send upon request if interested.

  2. TampaShooters

    TampaShooters Well-Known Member

  3. TampaShooters

    TampaShooters Well-Known Member

  4. 10splaya22

    10splaya22 Well-Known Member

    Yep, scammed me too, I have a claim open with paypal
  5. TampaShooters

    TampaShooters Well-Known Member

    I am going to report him to the USPS postal inspectors for wire fraud, as well as Paypal, and my local Sheriff's dept. I encourage you all to do the same.
  6. TampaShooters

    TampaShooters Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I just sent a message to the mods I hope, through the contact us area. I am hoping they have his IP address and more info.

    And yes, he stole $120 from me. I will find him, he left too much of a trail.
  7. 10splaya22

    10splaya22 Well-Known Member

    How did you pay? Did you pay with Paypal? I have a claim opened for a non-receipt case.

    I also purchased the Vibrant for sale in this thread.

    Here is the info I have on him:

    Josef Barnett
    1515 Deborah Ave
    Rockford, IL 61103
    United States

  8. TampaShooters

    TampaShooters Well-Known Member

    Cool, Make sure you report it to your local Law Enforcement, and the USPS postal inspectors, since it's considered wire fraud.

    I think a road trip is coming soon.
  9. 10splaya22

    10splaya22 Well-Known Member

    I just won the case and got my money back from paypal. I hope it works out for you guys too.

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