Samsung Vibrant

  1. ~Cha~

    ~Cha~ Well-Known Member

    I have a Samsung Vibrant (Unlocked and rooted and upgraded to froyo) I'm willing to sell or trade it for a Samsung Epic. Please feel free to PM me if you have any more questions about the phone or any interest.

  2. ninjabilly

    ninjabilly Member

    interested i sent pm
  3. ~Cha~

    ~Cha~ Well-Known Member

    offer still open. please send me your email for pictures
  4. robertloeb

    robertloeb New Member

    How much are you asking?
    Please PM me with your data.
  5. ~Cha~

    ~Cha~ Well-Known Member

    Offer is still open. (yes believe it)

    Remember im willing to trade for a Samsung EPIC and my price is negotiable!!!!
  6. ~Cha~

    ~Cha~ Well-Known Member

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