Samsung Vitality Root How-To

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  1. Doob426

    Doob426 New Member

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  2. boomboom1

    boomboom1 Member

    i found that you cant flash the vitality after you root it so this meens that you cant do it or do you have a back up since you cant flash the vitality
  3. gvanlel

    gvanlel New Member

    This is my first post. I'm having a problem and tried to include a url to explain where the problem is occuring but the forum wouldn't let me. Hence this introductory post.

    Read my next post to learn the problem. Thanks.
  4. gvanlel

    gvanlel New Member

    Okay, All I'm trying to do is root my samsung vitality. I've been reading everything and all roads seem to lead to [Root] One Click Root for Samsung Admire (SCH-R720) :: Windows/Mac/Linux :: 9/12. I went here and downloaded the files for mac, unzipped, but don't see the file anywhere. I'm not sure what to do. I can't seem to find any other way to root this phone.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. dehalfad

    dehalfad New Member

    Hey. I posted a Topic about this in the main thread, most likely better placed here. I followed all the steps, but when I rooted I did not have 3g access. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue, knows maybe what I was doing incorrectly? Maybe even how to perform it correctly

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