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Samsung W - dropping signal, 3gSupport

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  1. x9730192

    x9730192 New Member

    Hi all
    I got my samsung w 5 days ago as a replacement handset after my HTC died and ever since I've had it it seems to drop signal even if the signal indicator shows no signal. This is phone (failing to send SMS, calls failing) and 3g. Sometimes it comes up with a "you are not registered on the network" message, sometimes not. But basically no signal. Toggling on and off flight mode seems to reset it, but about 10 mins later it drops again. When it is dropped, calls go to voicemail, SMS aren't received and neither are emails/other 3g syncs. I am on Android 2.3.6 so I don't think it needs an upgrade. Having had it as a replacement for a phone that had to be fixed 3 times in a year, as you can imagine, I'm FUMING! I know it's not a network issue as my work phone is on the same network and works just fine. Other than going back to the shop to have the "I'm very disappointed" talk - have any of you got the same problems? Found a fix (when on 2-3-6)?

  2. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    my fiancee has the same phone but different issues... hers is also on .6 but when i plugged into kies it offered a firmware update... worth a shot as it may hopefully solve some issues!

    good luck
  3. tankkk

    tankkk New Member


    I am having just the same symptoms on my Galaxy W. This started after my phone came back from service, where they had to "flush" the software.

    Anyway, I'm wondering how did this work out for you?

  4. chis51hd

    chis51hd Member

    Try updating firmware thru Kies. Or connect to a wifi hotspot, then go to settings>about phone>update software.
  5. tankkk

    tankkk New Member

    "No update available". I have auto-update on so that kind of figures.

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