Samsung will never again see me pay for one of their phonesGeneral

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  1. jthreads

    jthreads Well-Known Member

    WoW, i didn't know HTC had this hardware flaws, and Droid's battery door falling :eek:
    Reading this comments makes me happy to have gone for Galaxy and not HTC as I was planning to :p

  2. fabianobonin

    fabianobonin Member

    Galaxy is my last Samsung product too, even if they fix the bugs or upgrade it.
  3. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    I think i agree!

    - Their custom baseband makes it impossible to port 1.6 or 2.0 :(
    - They havnt release an update to fix the bugs that are already there. The newer builds like I8 etc just seem to be just that, built at a later date but with no or minimal changes.
    - The K update is nowhere to be seen, and from the kernel it just looks like it updates the same drivers are the behold as a preupdate to multitouch.

    I agree that overall other phones have the same issues, and i'm mostly just pissed at their custom baseband (which is broken for me anyway). I'm thoroughly bored with this phone now, as we've hit the limits of what we can do with it, with the little source samsung have released

    My next phone will be a HTC.
  4. pegasus21

    pegasus21 Well-Known Member

    I agree. HTC seems to be more active in the android development and their software works.
  5. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

  6. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

    I was thinking in terms of phones, not entire product lines. The iPhone certainly has its issues too, but Apple to me seems better than most at admitting to/fixing their mistakes. HTC otoh when presented with a issue will tell you you're the first to mention it even though you know it's common. About the only hardware issue they seem to ever have fessed up about was the failing keyboards on the Touch Pro. Their fix was to supply Sprint with replacement keyboards of the exact same design as the previous failing ones, guaranteeing that they will need to be replaced again in the future. HTC is far from alone in this endeavor. About 12 years ago Sony released the first 36" WEGA TV with a serious flaw that ruined the sets in shipment. Though the power of the interwebs we tracked the complaint calls for this issue. We had many (17 iirc) people speak to the same rep over a couple of days and she told each one that they were the first to mention the issue (horizontal bowing). It took several months of harassment before Sony admitted error and offered a half hearted repair attempt. Sony was so dishonest and abusive in their handling of the issue (to get a repair you had to agree that even if it failed you wouldn't be entitled to additional repair or replacement) that I never bought another Sony product.
  7. acithium

    acithium Active Member

    The only thing that samsung got right was the physical design on the phone. The hardware specs are mediocre as mine suffers from lag because I can only get a MAX of 32 Megs of RAM free (if i kill everything). I won't buy another Samsung anytime soon. I'll probably wait until I read some reviews about the Nokia N900 and see how that one works. I know it doesn't run android, but it does run Linux.
  8. benner

    benner Well-Known Member

    If I could go back in time, I would have bought a Nokia N82 and an ITouch and pocketed the change. My dream to have the all-in-one device is still premature. Battery life is poor on every smartphone. GPRS and bluetooth are better on my 50 dollar Sony Ericsson. I am still lugging around my PSP to watch videos. The camera on this phone, and most others isn't worth it if you actually care about looking at them on anything other than a phone. GPS is terrible on this. (I wasted 150 bucks on a SmartQ 5 mid earlier this year too. Not a good year for gadgets for me.) But I think I'm finally tapped. I will be holding on to my galaxy for a while. So thanks again to Drakaz and Kam187 and the folks who have provided the customer service so sadly lacking from Samsung.
  9. Ferox

    Ferox Well-Known Member

    Flogged my Galaxy and bought a Hero well pleased with it!
  10. chistery

    chistery Well-Known Member

    Feedback from Samsung today (Their spelling, not mine):

  11. jthreads

    jthreads Well-Known Member

    Would be nice to tell us where you got this info/link from :confused:

    Still something isn't looking right to me, more and more blogs are reporting the launch of the Galaxy i7500 to network on the 10th of December :rolleyes:

    Bell to launch Samsung Galaxy on 10th December | Geekword
  12. chistery

    chistery Well-Known Member

    It was a reply after I emailled them from their web site. I really don't understand why they can't confirm either way.
  13. Andronix

    Andronix Well-Known Member

    You may try turning on sdcard swap. Not a perfect solution, but it does wonders if you surf a lot from a phone - no more reloading of the pages...
  14. chistery

    chistery Well-Known Member

    After chasing O2 for a response, and to take some responsibility, I've had an email back from them:

    They should stop selling the phone and tell Samsung where to go (IMHO)
  15. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Well-Known Member

    Awww, i just posted a thread showing confidence in Samsung NOT being ******** :(

    Is that actually a legit email? As in can we send that to samsung themselves in disgust, or more importantly circulate it to the relevant sites so everyone knows??
  16. chistery

    chistery Well-Known Member

    It came from O2 Customer Relations.
  17. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Well-Known Member

    Well can you do what needs to be done and forward the mail to engadget, phandroid, androidandme, techradar etc. so this information can actually be in the public space. Or alternatively send it to me and i'll send it.

    Hopefully the threat of damaged credibility and customer fear of unsupported future devices will reach Samsung.
  18. jthreads

    jthreads Well-Known Member

    Well said spottyelephant
  19. chistery

    chistery Well-Known Member

  20. NoUse4aNick

    NoUse4aNick Well-Known Member

    Spottyelephant, add Slashdot to that list. Imagine the impact of a topic named for example, "Android phone already discontinuing the support of newer OS versions".
  21. Sumo

    Sumo Well-Known Member

    Nothing travels quicker than a bad reputation!:rolleyes:
  22. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Well-Known Member

    I've sent the full email to engadget, androidandme, infosyncworld, and slashdot. Whether anyone will consider it enough proof or not, or even news worthy, is another matter though!
  23. Terry

    Terry Well-Known Member

    I emailed Samsung UK yesterday evening, saying basically that if they don't support their device, then it will be the last Samsung product I buy, not only that, but I would advise friends, family and colleagues to stay away from Samsung products as well.

    Surely it can't be that much work for a company of that size to Roll out 2.0 for Galaxy.

    I shall await their reply......
  24. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    Given their apparent attitude I fear you'll be waiting some time :(
  25. chistery

    chistery Well-Known Member

    They are very quick at replying, just no good at providing the answer you want.

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