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Samsung XCover s5690 notification sound problem

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  1. Viledas

    Viledas New Member


    I purchased a Samsung Galaxy XCover s5690 a month ago and I had no problems up until now. Since yesterday, my phone won't play 'notification sounds', for e.g. receiving a SMS.

    I was using one of the default sounds, 'whistle', and I didn't change anything to the settings (that I know of). The sound won't even play when choosing it in the settings panel. I tried putting a sound on my sd-card under media->audio->notifications and it shows up in the list, but when selecting it as a 'notification sound', it won't play when I receive a notification. However, when I navigate to the sound using 'My files', I can play the sound and hear it.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this problem? Could it be that I have muted the notification sounds somehow? Any help is greatly appreciated :)

    Thanks in advance!
    (Ps: internet searches on the problem have come up empty so far)

  2. Viledas

    Viledas New Member

    Problem has been solved, so this thread can be closed :)

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