Samsung's Facebook S App APK HERETips

  1. melll

    melll Well-Known Member

    I know a lot of people cant access the Samsung App store, so Im posting this APK fiel link of the app made by Samsung

    Its really gooood. Hope everyone enjoys this.

    For those who are new.

    Get Astro File Manager from the Market. Its free.

    After click'n'drag'n the file to your phone use Astro to browse to the file, and open it to install.

    Alternatively, you can browse from your phone to this thread, and download the APK to install it.

  2. The K-Zoo Kid

    The K-Zoo Kid Well-Known Member

    You dont need astro to install apk's.. you can just use the native files app. Good find though.
  3. presence06

    presence06 Well-Known Member

    will this work on our Vibrants?
  4. melll

    melll Well-Known Member

  5. presence06

    presence06 Well-Known Member

    Downloaded it, not sure if I like it though. Like the upload pics/media feature.

    Thanks for the instructions and the app!
  6. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    will it work with captivates? Is it different then the one in the market
  7. melll

    melll Well-Known Member

    It should work for all Samsung Galaxy S phones...

    It is different, try it out. I think its pretty great.
  8. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Well-Known Member

    Didn't work for me. It said error when I clicked the link
  9. melll

    melll Well-Known Member

    You might have to redownload it. If it doesnt work after re-trying, then not sure what could be the cause.
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  10. presence06

    presence06 Well-Known Member

    ^^ Need to register at XDA
  11. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Well-Known Member

    Don't know. I click the link to xda and then save and it goes to downloads and then says error. Both of them do that. It doesn't even let me download the.apk
  12. melll

    melll Well-Known Member

    Try downloading it on the computer. It works everytime.
  13. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Well-Known Member

    How would I get it in the phone then?
  14. melll

    melll Well-Known Member

    Download on computer...

    Connect phone to computer via usb.

    Copy the file to the phone.

    Use astro file manager from the market to browse the file and open and then install.
  15. movieaddict

    movieaddict Member

    ty much better
  16. Jimmykimchi

    Jimmykimchi Well-Known Member

    Thaaaanks sir ! You are the man :) downloading now
  17. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Well-Known Member

    Tried it again and it worked. Downloaded to card. Still don't see chat option but otherwise its good.
  18. Zylograth

    Zylograth Well-Known Member

    nice looking, better than the one in the market
  19. vuvision

    vuvision Well-Known Member

    Meh, its ok. Viewing photo is a pain. Going back to one on the market.
  20. melll

    melll Well-Known Member

    Im sure Samsung will update it! To make it better, for those who dont think its good :p

    It was just released Aug 31, and its their first release.

    When they do update it, ill be sure to post the APK.

    Oh and I also heard they are making their own Twitter App soon, so that will be next!
  21. aksoutherland

    aksoutherland Member

    Sweet, I like it. Simple yet functional. Am looking forward to the twitter app.
    Is it possible you could post the apk for the Samsung Market app?
  22. melll

    melll Well-Known Member

    I dont think thats even possible, its region/country specific. Locked down.
  23. bootsie

    bootsie Well-Known Member

    I like the look of it so far, would be nice if it had a widget!

    Maybe it does and I am missing it?
  24. melll

    melll Well-Known Member

    Thats a negative. No widget. Maybe inn the next version :)
  25. smutek

    smutek Active Member

    Thanks for the link. I also received a file not supported error when downloading directly to my phone. I just downloaded it on my desktop and emailed it to myself.

    The app seems decent enough so far, seems to be keeping everything in the application and not kicking me over the the mobile FB site. Text input does seem a little wonky though, saw some errors when rotating from portrait to landscape - none of the text re-drew properly, just had a bunch of dots.

    Also, would like to see a larger input window when typing in portrait mode. As it is it seems you can only view one line of text at a time, which makes it difficult/annoying to preview and proof longer messages.

    Aside from that it seems a definite improvement over the native FB application, which I completely gave up on.

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