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  1. chronodekar

    chronodekar Well-Known Member

    We've heard of the Galaxy S, but what about Samsung's mid-range phone, the Galaxy 3? It's avaliable in my area for a price CHEAPER than what I paid for my i7500. Here are some links,

    Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 - Full phone specifications

    'Official' (?) site,
    Samsung Galaxy 580 - Overview - Samsung Mobile UK

    Samsung Galaxy 3 and Galaxy Apollo review: Galactic twins -
    Samsung Galaxy 3 Review (Phone Arena Reviews)

    And, if I've got my information right, someone at xda-developers has rooted the phone. The one gripe I have with this is that LACK of AMOLED. Otherwise, it looks pretty nice. Supposedly (unconfirmed) it has divx support as well. (who uses that in this age of mp4's and mkv's I wonder...)


  2. velnaykkar

    velnaykkar Member

    yea, they are pushing Galaxy 3 & 5 a lot. But both phones lack a decent resolution (3 @ 240x400 and 5 @ 240x320). Text looks kinda jagged on these phones..
  3. r3dpuma

    r3dpuma Well-Known Member

    Does anyone knows a good mp4 player for i7500?
  4. amrutpritam

    amrutpritam Active Member

    real player plays mp4 good.. again if you play mp4 in system mode in rock player, it plays awesome...
  5. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    Nice phones but no led flash and flash support (not unless you update to Froyo). :(
    But I still prefer my Galaxy I7500 regardless of its lack of memory. And with our saviors alias developers we will also get Froyo (Android 2.2) on our phone + camera with effects.
    I love my phone, so sue me. :p
  6. chronodekar

    chronodekar Well-Known Member

    You're not the only one ! :)

  7. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    People would consider Samsung again? :O
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  8. chronodekar

    chronodekar Well-Known Member

    Why not? Complain all we do about their software support, they DO make excellent hardware. Well, at least most of the time.

    To put things (cost) into perspective,

    Samsung Galaxy 3 : Rs11990/- (android 2.1)
    HTC Wildfire : Rs14000/- (android 2.1)
    Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro : Rs17000/- (cutie design, but still on Android 1.5 with claimed update to 2.x coming soon)

    In the budget range above, the Galaxy 3 is a no-brainer. Heck, what competition are the rest really anyway?

    PS: I plan to stick with my i7500 for a good while more though.
  9. beitinsw

    beitinsw Well-Known Member

    I'm seriously considering a Galaxy S, and I'm ashamed.
  10. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    Better hope that the support is (will be) better then for Galaxy I7500, or you're gonna be in deep s*** in the near future. :(
  11. beitinsw

    beitinsw Well-Known Member

    There's a beta ROM from Samsung through for Froyo on the Galaxy S.
  12. err

    err New Member

    Biggest drawback for Galaxy 3 is the screen: WQVGA (400x240) instead of HVGA (480x320) in Galaxy 7500 and Spica.

    Regarding support... it's tricky now for Android with all manufacturers for 3 BIG reasons:
    -short android upgrade cycle (new version coming every 6 months),
    -more powerfull HW becoming fast available like snapdragon/hummingbird,
    -exploding market which forces OEM to focus on new products.

    Things should settle down starting with 2011 as after Gingerbread Android will have yearly updates and from a HW point of view the first dual cores will be already on the market (not that 1Gh hummingbird is not enough). Basically we will have a product in maturity state.

    Anyway for Galaxy S will be a Froyo update and considering the LARGE number of these sold all over the world I think we will see a lot of custom roms.
  13. dryhte

    dryhte Well-Known Member

    TBH, I hope to see a large modding community for the I5800 too. It's a _very_ affordable phone, and one I'd seriously consider (especially if it really gets its promised 2.2 update).
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  14. chronodekar

    chronodekar Well-Known Member

    The fact that the phone got rooted (someone on xda-developers) even before it landed in my country is promising. In fact, jumping in now might be a good time to see the 'evolution' of a community. :)

  15. apolloFER

    apolloFER Well-Known Member

    Samsung phone? Never again in my life! Android is great except when Samsung get their hands on the phone. I'm off to HTC as soon as possible.

    p.s. "promised" update? LOL
  16. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    Once bitten, twice shy :D Plus, I don't give money to companies that rip me off. Which is why I'll be leaving o2 as well.

    edit; Also the point of an Android phone - it is the software. If you don't get upgrades, there's really no point.
  17. chronodekar

    chronodekar Well-Known Member

    This I'll agree with. Though, in the android ecosystem, I've come to accept one thing. Manufacturer's rarely update android to the next major version number.

    Consider this,
    Samsung (for our i7500) DID eventually release an update from 1.5 -> 1.6
    HTC updated their "Tatoo" line to 1.6 but NOT to 2.x (at least to my knowledge)
    Sony Ericsson has their X10 series on 1.6 now (with a claimed update to 2.x only 2 quarters later ... wonder if it will really come?)

    My point is that when you buy an android phone, it's best to get used to the major android version number you've got. (In our case, android 1.x). To go any higher, we'd need the communities help.

    At least, that's my line of ... "compromise".

  18. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    To a certain extent that's fair enough - but fact is, the versions that we've been given are broken and that's not good enough. Also, 1.6 is available in TWO locales...
    Plus, those of us who got it early (in the UK) paid a fair bit of money for a rapdily dropped flagship phone. Plus I had to take a two year contract. Two years on 1.5? No thanks.

    In summary, thank christ for Drakaz :D
  19. chronodekar

    chronodekar Well-Known Member

    I sympathize with your situation. 2 years on 1.5 would be a downer. On the good side, the i7500 was popular enough for people like Drakaz to get their hands on it, so in a way, you got lucky.

    Me, I got suckered into buying the phone. When I went to the store, they said that "for a limited time, we're dropping the price of our flagship phone by 50% !!".

    2 weeks later, I knew the truth - they were just clearing out the inventory. :(

  20. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    Yeah, they sold the i7500 here on o2 for a whopping three months... we were all suckered into buying the phone :p
  21. cickova

    cickova New Member


    I'm buying myself an android phone, and i have two (three) phones in my mind. LG GT540->I hate LG, so NOT. Now, for about same price I can buy i7500 and I5800. I don't like resolution on i5800, but it have a good HW. Now, what to choose: I7500 with Drakaz, or I5800??

  22. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    Galaxy I7500 has to little memory (can't do anything about that matter), proccesor is also weaker then the proccesor from Galaxy Spica I5800 (it can be O/C). Galaxys camera is 5MP (so higher then Spicas), AMOLED display,...

    Because we are disappointed with Sam*censored, will advise you to buy some other phone and not Sam*censored (HTC Desire,...). But if you're stuck with Sam*censored then go for Galaxy S (if you can get your hands on it).

    In the end regarding your choices...
    ...I'm for Galaxy I7500 with GAOSP by Drakaz. :p
  23. cickova

    cickova New Member

    lol, tnx

    i would like to buy desire (galaxy S not, it looks like Iphone), but its to expensive. I just want to have a good phone, stable, and with no problems. I7500 Drakaz you say,, hmmm, i think that to.
  24. apolloFER

    apolloFER Well-Known Member

    I agree with Lelouch. Samsung and Android are a no-no combination. A couple of friends have the LG GT540 and it's quite good. Has more RAM than our Galaxy. Eclair update will start rolling out soon. A much better phone than Galaxy. But IIRC, it has weaker Camera and Galaxy's AMOLED is better. But as for snapiness and speed, LG is better. Try to find a second-hand Hero. It feels much better than both these phones. ;)
  25. chronodekar

    chronodekar Well-Known Member

    To anyone asking me, I would recommend them the i5800 and NOT the i7500.

    Don't get me wrong guys, I'm proud of my i7500, but IMO if you're buying a new phone, you'd better be happy with the ROM you get, out-of-the-box and NOT depend on reflashing it!

    Besides, if you don't like the ROM of the i8500, don't worry. I understand that it's been rooted at xda-developers and people there are bound to be working on better ROMs.

    The i7500 is OLD. Even if you like the display, there's only so much overclock-ing can do. Get something else. (The earlier suggestion of HTC is ok too, consider the Wildfire phone)


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