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Samung Infuse won't turn back onSupport

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  1. DeeJayScarlett

    DeeJayScarlett New Member

    My Samsung Infuse constantly shuts itself off without warning but always comes back on. This time it won't. It is stuck on the black screen with SAMSUNG flashing on and off.
    I tried taking out the battery, leaving it out for awhile and putting it back in. Before I even try to turn it on, it's starts flashing SAMSUNG again.
    I've tried holding the power button down and still nothing. I havent tried to do a hard reset yet because there is stuff on there I want to try to save if possible.
    Any ideas what's wrong or what I should do??

  2. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    I never heard of that problem, but try doing a Recovery boot:
    * Take battery out, wait 10 seconds, reinsert battery
    * Press and hold volume up & down while simultaneously pressing and holding the power button
    * When the Samsung logo appears, release the power buttun but continue holding both volume up/down
    * When the yellow lettering appears, release volume up/down
    * If you got this far, follow the onscreen instructions to clear cache and reboot

    Working now?
  3. maxximr

    maxximr Member

    I have the same issue but cant get to the yellow lettering screen as your instructions say, when I plug in a charger I see a battery icon that flashes with a loading icon
  4. jdunlap09

    jdunlap09 New Member

    I've had this happen several times....taking the battery out has worked but at times a combination of holding down the power button and the sometimes the volume worked and sometimes it didn't and I just took the battery out and waited. I also have peformance issues. For a 4g phone using 3g ATT services or 4g when avaiable my old 3g iPhone with ATT was much better. Starting think from what I've been reading about, this iFuse isn't Samsung best work. Can't wait until my contract is up!
  5. milkandsam

    milkandsam New Member

    I've had the same problem the past few days. However, once my phone turns off and gets stuck on the black Samsung screen, I hold the power button for 5-10 seconds, but then the phone reboots. The first time I turned the phone off after it had rebooted and kept it off for about an hour. It continued to turn off sporadically and go to the black Samsung screen. The entire next day I had no problems- I thought it was a glitch! Then today, it has started the same pattern... If anybody has a solution... It'd be wonderful.
  6. avg_chick

    avg_chick New Member

    Has anyone resolved this issue? I did a "live chat" with AT&T just now, the "hold the volume and on/off buttons" didn't do anything, and since my phone is about a month out of warranty, there is nothing they can do. Of course...I can pay the $199 deductible to replace the phone...but seriously?! :mad:
  7. boneyboy564

    boneyboy564 Member

    Hey i had this problem before and all I did was pop the battery in and out about 5-10 times while holding the triple finger combo everytime until it turned back on normally.

    If you dont have a problem doing it though, once you get your phone up and running, flash a custom rom like ZEUS or AEON. I have flashed both on my phone and haven't had a problem yet, with either one. Plus they have increased m phones speed and decreased battery usage.

    There is an excellent post on the xda-developers forum that has every rom and kernel and everything that you need to root,flash and everything to get your infuse up to snuff. Unfortunately, I cant post links yet. Sorry but google search for " [REF] Infuse 4G Super Thread" It's awesome, hope you fix your phone.
  8. ineedslipknot

    ineedslipknot New Member

    Here is how I fixed my problem:

    Take out the battery and take out the sim card.
    Put the battery back in and boot the phone without the sim card.
    Power off the phone.
    Put the sim card back in.
    Power up the phone.

    Just taking out the battery didn't do anything for me.
  9. cwd04

    cwd04 New Member

    this happened to me as well and i fixed it by taking the phone apart and moving the power button around a little because it had gotten stuck in a position where it was like i was constantly holding the power so the phone just kept rebooting itself
  10. amberg

    amberg New Member

    i have tried this several times and still nothing is there any other options i have to get my phone back on?
  11. Jess11

    Jess11 New Member

    Ok this is going to sound weird but I was having the same problem and this really works. I couldn't afford a new phone so I was willing to try almost anything.

    1) Take the battery and sim card out
    2) go to the nearest hard surface (i.e tile, wood)
    3) hold your phone about 2 feet from the ground, face down and parallel to the ground
    4) release your phone!!!

    Yes I said release your phone.. It sounds weird but banging it seems to work. Don't throw it or slam it.. Just release it from about 2 feet up. the phone screen should be facing down and the battery and sim need to be removed...

    After, Then pop in your battery and sim card and turn on.

    This really worked for me and you shouldn't try it if you don't want to, but when you're desperate like me you'll try anything. I actually tried it twice before it worked.

    Hope it helps!!
  12. Jess11

    Jess11 New Member

    I hope my answer helps
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  13. 25215

    25215 New Member

    That work for me Jess11. I just slap my phone on my hand and it work. :D
  14. 25215

    25215 New Member

    I forgot to thank you Jess11. Thanks.
  15. layshia0511

    layshia0511 New Member

    i drop my phone on the ground and my screen went black . only my bottom keys work . what i should i try everything ?:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  16. arkls222

    arkls222 New Member

    Hi, I read another post on here where the person dropped the phone and then a couple of other people followed with same results, I figured I would try it, it did not work right away so I tried banging just the power button part onto a rubber surface bingo it works....2 weeks and finally:)
  17. arkls222

    arkls222 New Member

    I think once you only have the bottom symbols means your screen is gone
  18. waterillusion

    waterillusion New Member

    What worked for me was pressing the power button continuously until it started loading correctly. I had tried almost everything and nothing worked. So happy this worked!! Hope it works for you! :)
  19. oxn2

    oxn2 New Member

    amazing... that's worked for me, but i should try up to 7 times, hahaha

    thanks bro...!!!
  20. girlnal

    girlnal New Member

    Thank you so much! As odd as it seems, this worked! I was so bummed/frustrated!
  21. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    If after you remove/replace your battery, the phone turns on before you do anything, then you have a power button problem.

    Banging the phone will work for awhile, but it will usually come back. For a more permanent solution, you can also get the button replaced for a reasonable amount ($20-$40)

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