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  1. Heavyweightgd6

    Heavyweightgd6 Well-Known Member

    I heard from a friend that is a store manager at metro that the 4g issues with the indulge is a chip issue and not a metro issue. He said samsung will be releasing an update that will fix it but the catch is we won't know when we'll get it, we just will and that is soon. I hope this is true, an just wanted to share it.

  2. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    Yeah, this rumor has been circulating around here for a short while.
    I certainly do hope we can update manually or something... For us that have rooted phones, it remains to be seen if such update will first look for one of the bloatwares they had on it ... I have my eyes set on Metro Easy Wifi...
  3. jr2673

    jr2673 Well-Known Member

    you might see it in a funny sms mms from metro. they tryed to shut down all flashed phones that where not flashed by them with an update we where receiving Funny Coded SMS/MMS from metro then Bam We lost net but like everything Else the loop hole was found just by changing the SPL Code in 1 day .

    Funny you say that because the day i bought mine it stayed in 1x all day i took it right back and the girl said hold on let me try reprogramming it and took it to the back . 20min later she comes out the back with my phone and the top half of a box to a new one i think they had to change the sim card out or something. Humm I think there is a problem and they know about it and not saying nothing.
  4. Vance Fox

    Vance Fox Well-Known Member

    Received a weird text from metropcs:


    And after that it was abunch of numbers...
  5. jr2673

    jr2673 Well-Known Member

    yep sounds like an update of some sort thats how they did it shutting down the mms and internet on the flashed phones.
    Is your phone working any different or any better?
  6. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    I thought brew text messages were for feature phones, not androids... I used to receive a LOT of those when I switched from my caliber, and apparently that was because a service I had on the caliber for brew had not been turned off... Google it, you'll see what I'm talking about.
  7. Vance Fox

    Vance Fox Well-Known Member

    All my services work fine.
  8. jr2673

    jr2673 Well-Known Member

    I googled it and i really don't find anything on it at all . I know for sure that my BlackBerry 8330 That Was Flashed Over To Metro Working Fine Everything Was Working Then There was a heads up Metro is trying to pull the plug on these Smart Phones On these 40/45 Dollar Plans then when i started receiving texts like that and bam 1 days nothing was working no internet ,MMS,SMS then every body was post there phone was down.

    If you look At HF you find when every one got pulled off line
  9. ciper

    ciper Well-Known Member

    Ive never seen an OTA update on an Android. Is there a notification that the update is available? Are we able to choose If/When the update is applied?
  10. jr2673

    jr2673 Well-Known Member

    Don't know metro is running the show on that.
  11. RobertRiter

    RobertRiter Active Member

    I would think so. I was actually going to ask if there's any way to contact Samsung directly or if anyone knows any official forums, because this really needs to be addressed.

    The fact the phone is locked in on 4G with no way to quickly toggle it out is mind blowing, given the 4G eats the battery even in standby at a totally unacceptable rate. Honestly I don't know if I could have kept the phone if the hidden codes weren't discovered, because even the Toggle button didn't seem to make much impact on it (even when it wasn't turned back on) by comparison. Now that I can lock it at 1x, the phone can easily pull 2 days standby time, where before it was pulling 4 hours tops!

    If I could just enable 4G before hitting the web to stream video, etc. then switch it back to 1x when I'm done it would be the perfect phone for me, really. That is really driving me nuts - I don't even know why any phone would WANT to stay in 4G on standby mode, given there's very little you'd want to transfer at that rate without some kind of active application running.

    Anyway, I really would love to help throw more pressure on Samsung to fix this. If they don't (and it's such a simple fix, the hardware is fine), I'm afraid people will start revolting against the Indulge that don't know how to save the battery which will be for all of us to get updates and such.
  12. nickrussel

    nickrussel Well-Known Member

    wow! before I bought Indulge, I had a flashed phone (at the time, metro was officially allowing houdini flash). everything was working fine for a while, then internet/mms stopped working and no matter what I did and what settings I tried, just couldn't bring them back to life. So I had to live without data/mms while paying for it, as metro wouldn't downgrade me to a voice-only plan arguing that I have a houdini smart phone. They denied all allegations of intentionally shutting down data on houdini phones. bastards!
  13. jr2673

    jr2673 Well-Known Member

    Yeah All you have to do is Change the SPL code on the phone thats Flashed With A SPL Calculator You Put the IME Number from the phone in The Calculator And you will Get the Right SPL Code That Needs To Be on the phone And Bam MMS,Internet Will be back on. What Happen metro Change the SPL Password And What they say To begin with We should of never had Internet or mms on any flashed phones or any Smart Phone On there system At all.
  14. Phonzy

    Phonzy Member

    jr2673 the spc code has nothin to do with thew right ime. How you can talk on cdma with out it?
  15. RazeOblivion

    RazeOblivion Member

    I have the same problem when my phone boots up it doesnt have 4g or 1x, but if i put it on airplane mode and turn off airplane mode i notice that 1x comes back up im not sure if that is useful information but i found it quite interesting.
  16. jr2673

    jr2673 Well-Known Member

    that sounds like its the phone mine always when powering off and on jumps right to 4G . If i where you all take it to the metro store they will change it under warranty for $30 on the spot or they will send it out free for a replacement .
  17. sreum

    sreum Well-Known Member

    Couple things I ran across with the Indulge.
    1 - I doubt they will issue a fix for the 4G because the data antenna is cheap and fries out on the indulge new or old phones. That was told to me by a Samsung tech. So unless you are virtually under the towers you will get crappy service if yours is fried. Only fix for that is to take the phone in. Also the settings in the phone might be off from what Metro considers to be correct. I had both issue above.

    2 - If your not looking to root your phone, but you want to keep things fast I have found using the combination of Advance Task Killer (ATK) and the phones built-in widget called Program Monitor (under ram manager) work great.
    But when using ATK make sure you put at least the following into the ignore list of the app, they are.....Settings, Task Manager, Phone, & ATK. By putting them on the ignore list and not allowing ATK to kill them your phone will continue to run smooth with less faults. But even using the 2 things above you will still need to re-boot or battery pull your phone every other day or so just like a Blackberry.

    3 - As for saving battery power I dont think we will have any luck unless they issue a larger battery. Most of the battery drain while using the phone is from the screen. I can use Pandora on 4G for about 4 hours non-stop before having to charge back up, as long as I am playing it with the screen off. Which for all the smart phones I have owned or known people to own is about average. And if you use ATK & the Program Monitor you should be able to get about 10 hours randum using from your phone before it goes dead. But you have to have the screen set to the lowest setting along with refresh times of other apps set longer apart.
  18. sreum

    sreum Well-Known Member

    jr..........I had the same problem before. After spending hours on the phone with Metro & Samsung they were unable to fix it. So I took it upon my self to do a factory reset. And that worked like a charm. Idiots dont even know how to supply proper tech support. REALLY?!?!? we may have got the short end of the stick with this phone. lol
  19. Heavyweightgd6

    Heavyweightgd6 Well-Known Member

    This is my first smartphone ever... not an amazing experience how I thought it would be lol. My 4g is very peek-a-boo-ish. Its there for a while then it will stop working (the green arrow on the top of the screen will stay lit but not the orange one,but no service)

    I will go from 4g to 1x at times. Sometimes i reboot the phone to get the 4g working and AND what is most annoying is I have yet to watch a full flash video! I cant even watch a full youtube video(only music) without it just stopping for no reason WHILE I have the 4g icon at the top...

    In two weeks the so called update is suposed to be out, when i hear that its out I will if anything changes... if not i dont know what to do cause I bought mine at best buy and didnt pay extra for the warranty plus im rooted! smh..

    Im waiting on that damn 4g LG or that damn 4g HTC!:mad:
  20. ickster

    ickster Well-Known Member

    I'm just not convinced that we are not actually getting 4g speeds,albiet slow despite what the icon sez'. I had an Ascend and when it was surfing it was excrusiatingly slow. My Indulge says I'm on 1g, I get a message saying there is no network, but the page still loads. Too fast to be 1g but not as fast as I've seen it in the past. Plus I thought I was consistently getting 4g after 10pm, but that's not the case after all.
  21. Vance Fox

    Vance Fox Well-Known Member

    No one is getting "4g" speeds... but when your phone is on "4g" it is faster then 1x.
  22. ickster

    ickster Well-Known Member

    Right Vance, but I'm talking about when I'm seeing "1g" in the notification bar. I'm saying that when the notification is saying 1g that the pages are loading too fast for it to actually be 1g.

    Edit: And I am being told that the network is down yet the page loads after I close that notification.
  23. Vance Fox

    Vance Fox Well-Known Member

    It's not 1g... it's not even 2g... it's 1xrtt... Big difference.

    The popup lets you know the phone lost it's data signal and that the page can not load at that time but if the phone finds the signal before you touch refresh then it should load... It sounds to me that you are in a weak signal area.

    When I go deep into the thick brick and steel building I work in, my phone acts the same way.
  24. Rominucka

    Rominucka Well-Known Member

    I was told by a Verizon rep that Metro piggy-backs off of Verizon's 4G network, but after doing some research, I'm seeing that it might not be the case. But if it is the case, the rep told me that Metro customers would be the first to get knocked off the network once enough Verizon customers start tying it up.
    My service with the Indulge is above all the carrier's national average. I average 4mbps+ down and 2-3mbps+up with 115ms. I speed tested against as many other carrier's phones and I get noticeably faster page loads than any Verizon 3G phone and equal to faster loading times than any other 4G phones...a lot of that might be the processors and browsers of these other phone.
    I constantly turn my 4G off if I'm not using the net and if I'm having problems with the 4G all I do is turn it off and then on and it works fine.
  25. ciper

    ciper Well-Known Member

    The Verizon rep is talking out his ASS! MetroPCS uses 1700/2100mhz while Verizon is using 700mhz. The phones aren't even compatible!

    On top of that the extended home network is actually Sprint towers! The only thing that MetroPCS does is use Verizon for "Travel Talk" aka roaming but you dont get data.

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